The latest research indicates that the single greatest indicator of a healthy, thriving church is how much and how often the pastors and/or elders pray together.

Sadly, the same research also indicates that only 33% of pastors and/or elders actually pray together within their own churches.

Jesus is doing great things through the prayers of the minority, but can you imagine what He might do if that minority became the majority? Can you imagine what He might do if even those who are currently committed to prayer and the ministry of the word took their commitment a step further?

Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine because we have a real picture of what God does in response to such a movement of prayer among His people in the book of Acts. The book of Acts is God’s reminder to us of what He does when His people devote themselves to prayer – He heals broken lives, He saves multitudes, and He transforms society.

He does all of this through His Church, His perpetual light in this darkened world.

We believe Christ desires to do still greater work through His Church today. Yet, as He is our life and power, if we are to shine as we ought, then we must go deeper in our dependance on Him. As we experience greater fruit in our lives, we begin to see Jesus Christ living through a revived Church.

For this reason, we are inviting you to join churches across the nation in commitment to the vision of 100,000 Points of Light.  We ask that you would review the criteria below not necessarily as a standard that you or your church must currently be meeting but as a wonderful goal to pursue.

What Is A Point of Light

A Point of Light can be a local church, or any of the believers that make up that body. Below are seven criteria that we believe qualifies a praying Church or individual as a Point of Light in our darkened society.


The church subscribes to core evangelical theology.


The pastor teaches the Bible each week, typically in an expository manner.


The pastor regularly communicates his passion and deep concern for the priority of prayer, within the leadership and the personal lives of congregants.


The pastor and church have a scheduled rhythm of prayer (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual gatherings).


The church has a system in place to ensure that the pastors and/or elders are prayed for regularly.


The church has a system in place to regularly offer training for key leaders in how to lead prayer.


The church’s small groups will devote significant time to prayer every time they gather.

Will you prayerfully make the commitment to furthering this vision in your local church?



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