Fresh Encounters


Fresh Encounters

Experiencing transformation through united worship-based prayer

by Daniel Henderson (Navpress, 2004)

I am often disappointed by books on prayer. Despite their helpful information, they rarely fire me up to pray more. Henderson’s book, Fresh Encounters, is not a disappointment. The book motivates with stories of life change that resulted from prayer.

One significant emphasis is corporate prayer, and Henderson does an excellent job of biblically defending it. He suggests that our private prayer life will rise and fall on our corporate prayer experience, and he fills the book with many creative ideas for corporate prayer meetings. The appendices include schedules, songs, and Scripture for worship-based meetings that will inspire a congregation to pray.

Dee Duke, Jefferson, Oregon

(Dee F. Duke has been the pastor at Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson, Oregon, for 32 years. He has had the opportunity to speak throughout the United States as well as travel overseas to speak and participate in several Prayer Seminars and Prayer Walking Journeys. He has written articles for Moody Monthly, Leadership Journal and Pray! Magazine, and has written a book, entitled Prayer Quest. He also speaks on a daily radio program.)