Transformation Experiences for Individuals & Church Leadership

Transforming Prayer The Praying Leader The Deeper Life
Transforming Prayer

New Groups begin October 12, 2022

Discover How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face. Achieve greater personal fulfillment and effectiveness as you take your prayer life from ordinary to extraordinary.  Featuring author Daniel Henderson, let us lead you through a 30-day coaching experience to discover how everything changes when you learn to seek God’s face. This intensive process includes four coaching sessions and provides you access to a wealth of our spiritual formation resources.

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The Praying Leader

NEW groupS begin September 20, 2022

It’s the praying leader who experiences the transformation that only God can bring.

  • Do members of your church seem content with the status quo?
  • Do you want to see lasting transformation in the lives of your congregation?
  • Are you feeling personally distracted with lesser priorities?
  • Are you longing to grow a greater spiritual appetite and maturity in your people?
  • Are there obstacles to growth that you don’t know how to overcome?

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers your people for greater gospel ministry.

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The Deeper Life

New Groups begin January 2023

Resounding in the soul of every person is the need to accomplish. That is one reason we tend to make resolutions every year. However, statistics tell us that less than 8% of people succeed at keeping their resolutions. As Christians, we have an internal Source that enables us to achieve lasting transformation that reaches beyond the typical “will power” resolutions.

Through the deeper life process you will discover the two vital keys to lasting transformation. The first is a proper FOUNDATION, built on the character of our God and the new identity we have in Christ. The second is a faith-fueled IMPLEMENTATION of our theology, values, and priorities.

The Deeper Life Process Will Equip You To:

  • Answer the eight vital questions every fruitful Christian must address
  • Receive practical instruction for daily renewal
  • Discover your biblical, personal answers to guide you to a new year of integrity and impact
  • Be equipped with an individually-tailored plan for dynamic, integrated effectiveness
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