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Give a pastor the one set of tools seminary never gave him!

We are blessed to live in the “information age”. For pastors, there has never been such an abundance of resources, technology, and opportunities available for training in the calling of ministry. Yet, despite all this there is a serious problem with the pastorate today, that no seminary is addressing.

Put simply, the problem is this:

The vast majority of our training mechanisms for ministry are only giving pastors half of the tools they need for a Biblical ministry. We see in Acts 6:4 that the early Church leaders gave themselves to two vital things, “But we will give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

“Prayer is one half of our ministry; and it gives to the other half all its power and success.” 

Charles Bridges (1794-1869), Puritan Pastor

Sadly, most seminaries today are focused entirely on equipping men in “the ministry of the word” to the neglect of prayer. This is evidenced by the fact that most prayer meetings are either completely absent or spiritually waning in the life of the local church. Moreover, the Church in North America is experiencing a spiritual powerlessness like never before.

How You Can Help

The good news is that TODAY you can give a pastor the other 50% of ministry that seminary never gave him! 

Strategic Renewal has developed two new resources that you can provide for a pastor today! For just $50, you can equip a pastor with these brand new tools to confidently lead a culture of prayer in his church — a gift that would change his life, and his church, forever!

This fall, hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders will gather at our fall ministry gatherings. It will surely be a time of equipping and spiritual formation, but we need you to send these leaders home with practical tools to continue to the work of prayer in their churches.

These two new resources that you can provide for a pastor are:


Your gift of $50 will provide both these resources to a pastor at our upcoming fall conference, enabling him to go back to his church with fresh confidence and a practical plan to develop a culture of prayer in his church. 

Even better, every additional $50 you give today will bless and equip yet another pastor. These are tools no pastors are receiving in their seminary training. Moreover, these are tools that we see countless pastors desiring, that have the potential to change the spiritual landscape of our churches and our nation.

The latest research indicates that the single greatest indicator of a healthy, thriving church is how much and how often the pastors and/or elders pray together. Sadly, the same research also indicates that less than one-third of pastors and elders actually pray together within their own churches.

With your gift today, you can enable a pastor to change these statistics and develop a healthy, thriving church environment. But you must act now, our conference is happening October 24-26, and we want to equip this pastors in this vital moment.

Will you help change the life of a pastor today?

Note: Please select “Pastor DVD Resources” when making your gift.

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