6:4 Day Match Giving Campaign - Strategic Renewal

6:4 Day Match Giving

Partner with us this June to encourage and resource church leaders in the things that matter most.


Join us during the month of June for a $64,000 matching campaign to support and equip church leaders through The 6:4 Fellowship. The 6:4 Fellowship is unlike any other pastors’ network in the nation, and is equipping church leaders in the things that matter most: “prayer and the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4). Your matched gift will help catalyze a growing movement of leaders and will make twice the impact in resourcing more and more pastors throughout our churches and our nation. Together we can equip pastors to transform their communities with the light of Christ.

Please prayerfully share your most generous gift on this important day! Your gift will initiate the expansion of our coaching curriculum, our free resources to pastors, and most importantly – begin placing pastoral residents into praying churches. And remember, every dollar you share becomes two through this matching opportunity.


Ways You Can Help Pastors Succeed

Improved Resourcing

  • Mobile app development to expand accessibility of our numerous resources.
  • New website development to reach a broader audience with 6:4 Fellowship resources, and provide greater features to our already committed leaders.

Supporting Leaders in need

  • Scholarships for coaching offerings: Allowing us to provide this proven equipping experience to young pastors, church planters, and small-church pastors. 

Network Expansion & HEALTH

  • Bringing on Regional Directors to facilitate regional gatherings, travel, and develop more personal connection to our 70+ Regional Resource Leaders.

Forging a Legacy OF PRAYER

  • Launch a Pastoral Residency Program that will equip young leaders in a ministry environment that is modeling an exemplary commitment to prayer.


Pastors and Churches Transformed Through Prayer

Story of Pastor Who Quits And Walks Out Mid-Sermon, with special message from Jim Maxim, Strategic Renewal’s board chairman.

Pastor Jason Matta Feature | Prayer coaching graduate and Regional 6:4 Fellowship Leader

How 6:4 is helping pastors overcome the struggles of ministry…

Partner Through Prayer

During the month of June we encourage you to pray with us at 6:04am and 6:04pm every day. Set your timer and intercede with us for God’s blessing on this campaign and the pastors that will be recipients of it, including:

  • Impact of the campaign and funds being raised
  • Pray for the health and encouragement of YOUR pastor
  • Pray for the health and encouragement of pastors in your community
  • Pray that pastors across the globe would return to the priorities of Acts 6:4


Partner Through Giving

This can only be accomplished as you partner with us. The investment you make today will reap eternal value for the Kingdom of God and for the health of churches for generations to come. Together we can equip pastors young and old to transform their communities with the light of Christ as they model a commitment to prayer and the ministry of the word.

We are no longer able to take matched gifts toward this initiative. If you would like to give to our general fund, you can do so at the link below.