Bless the Next Generation Of Pastors and Churches

Leave a legacy that honors God and blesses others beyond your lifetime

The most generous gifts many people will ever be able to make to the Lord’s work are given in the later years of their lives or upon their homegoing to Heaven.

If you are open to honoring the Lord by remembering our vital ministry to churches and pastors with a planned gift or estate bequest, we invite you to prayerfully review and fill out the Legacy Bequest Planning Form.  

In order to keep accurate records, please send us a Legacy Bequest Notification. With your permission, we will include your name(s) on our list of legacy-givers to honor you and your generous donation as well as encourage and inspire others to include us in their planned giving or estate plans. 

For more information or questions, please contact John Myers ( or Christa Henderson ( or call 720.627.5932.


Legacy Bequest Planning Form

Legacy Bequest Notification Form

Strategic Renewal is proudly accredited and certified through both ECFA and Excellence in Giving.


Janine Scammell was a long-time supporter of Strategic Renewal. She had no family to leave her estate to and blessed the ministry with a significant gift upon her passing. 

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It is important to understand that the attached forms are for planning purposes only. While the signed documents may be helpful for your spouse or family to honor your bequest wishes, you will need to complete Step 4 to make your wishes legally binding.


  • STEP 1
    Complete and sign the Legacy Bequest Planning Form. Ask another person to sign to affirm your wishes.
  • STEP 2
    Put this document with your legal records. As needed, share a copy of your bequest with trusted family member(s).
  • STEP 3
    Send the Legacy Bequest Notification to Strategic Renewal.
  • STEP 4
    Option 1: Choose to name Strategic Renewal as a beneficiary of payouts of insurance policies or other accounts. No legal fees are required to do this.
    Option 2: Share your wishes with an experienced Christian attorney, estate planner or financial expert. Request their assistance to incorporate your wishes into your estate plans and seek their counsel on the best way to maximize your gifts for bequests and loved ones while reducing taxes.

Legacy Bequest Planning Form

Legacy Bequest Notification Form

For further assistance, please contact Strategic Renewal or a Christian legal or financial professional.