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Are you concerned about the direction and future of our nation? Do you wonder about the kind of world your children and grandchildren will face? Would you like to do more to make a positive difference?

The moment is urgent and the opportunities exciting. The Lord is using the efforts of Strategic Renewal to equip believers, motivate and train pastors, and ignite churches with a fresh passion for Christ and His glory.

In this very important time in our nation’s history, please partner with us! More importantly, partner with God to fulfill His desires for His Church and His glory. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” Concerned believers, like us, must ask our Lord for His true heart for revival, as we invest our treasure in this work.

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Strategic Renewal is proudly accredited and certified through both ECFA and Excellence in Giving.


Strategic Renewal is fulfilling a unique and necessarily role in the life of the Church by equipping pastors to lead life-transforming churches that are built on prayer. The New Testament is indisputable on this issue; When the Church seeks God in prayer, they find His heart for this world, and His power to accomplish the mission. When we forsake His plan, and operate in our own strength, we accomplish nothing (John 15:4-5)

When we give God our time, resources, and prayer, amazing things begin to happen. Our 2019 Annual Report tells some of the remarkable stories of what the Lord has done in transforming the lives of leaders and church. This unparalleled mission to help pastors and churches succeed God’s way, would be impossible without the contribution of people just like you.

In recent months, we been able to train, coach, and impact so many lives through the support of our beloved Renewal Partners.

Pastoral Testimonies

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As a Renewal Partner ($35/month or more) you will receive:

A new renewal resource every four months that will give you timely teaching and inspiration – including some of our latest books, powerful audio messages, video lessons and other inspirational tools to equip, encourage and bless you.




As an Ignite Partner ($15/month or more) you will receive:

An annual renewal resource every December that will bring you inspiration, encouragement, and equipping for greater kingdom impact.


As a way of thanks, we want to give back to you by providing regular tools for your spiritual growth and encouragement. We also want to keep you informed of all that is being accomplished through your prayers and support. Both Renewal Partner and Ignite Partner commitments will give you:

  • Personal inspiration each week from God’s Word via our weekly E-devotion.
  • A seasonal Impact Report – Find out how your faithful prayers and financial support changes the lives of others through the efforts of Strategic Renewal.
  • Email updates – We’ll keep you informed and encouraged through regular emails.
  • Special invitations – Look for invitations to special ministry events such as our visits to The Brooklyn Tabernacle PLUS conferences, seminars and more.

Sign up for the monthly pledge TODAY using automatic draft and we will mail you your first renewal resource! This is our way of saying thank you for your consistent and faithful partnership – which will sustain and fulfill the mission. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and shipment time.

(Note: All donations, less the fair market value of any product received, are tax-deductable as allowed by IRS regulations and will be used in the collective ministry efforts of Strategic Renewal.)


As a ministry partner, you not only enjoy life-changing resources for your walk with Christ, you also become an integral part of all the ministry that God is using to transform churches by His power. God will use our combined efforts to ignite revival, renewal and restoration – in hearts, homes and churches across the nation. As a ministry partner you will make a BIG difference at this crucial time. So will you join in partnering with us today?