A look back at all the ministry and impact that was made possible through your support.

Our 2021 Annual Report tells some of the remarkable stories that your prayers and support have accomplished. Through your partnership, our vision to see praying Christians supporting praying pastors who lead praying churches is being realized and cultivated in new ways, discovered in 2021.  We still believe the best is yet to come.

You can download a digital copy of our annual report, or scroll down to read some of the highlights of the year below.  If you would like to give, you can do so at the link below. Please ensure that all gifts are made online before midnight on Dec 31st.


Daniel Henderson
Founder and President

We humbly appreciate your faithfulness in prayer, support, and in partnership with us in this important mission. We could not have accomplished these things without your vital participation.

thank you!


The praying Leader 

Once again, The Praying Leader coaching was the driving force of our coaching resources this year, as we continue to train pastors and leaders to lead their congregations n Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based Prayer.

“One of the most important things that I have received from The 6:4 Fellowship is the prayer coaching… that has equipped me and encouraged me on how I can go about developing a vital prayer ministry, and a prayer atmosphere, throughout all of the parts of the life of our church.”

Pastor Pat Jones
Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church | Williamsville, NY


Ministry Couples Coaching 

Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship continue to prayerfully discover ways to help pastors stay in the ministry and to lead their churches to seek God’s face. Out of this sprung a desire to help pastors with the challenges of their marriages. Dennis and Billie Henderson, who have fifty-five years of pastoral experience (within fifty-six years of marriage) and have spoken to, and counseled, hundreds of ministry couples in fifteen countries, launched our first ministry couples’ course in April.

“Ministry Couples Coaching was well invested time into our marriage. In ministry, many times you seem to only have “leftovers” for your marriage. This coaching course helped us to put our marriage above ministry and get the support and care we needed. So thankful for Billie and Dennis’ heart. You guys are so kind and caring!” 

Devin and Jess Blankenbiller | Birdsboro,PA


New Study

In January of this year, Brenda Brown led a Women’s Bible Study from her book The Deeper Life of Women in the Bible.  She guided a handful of women through eight core questions and illustrated answers to these by using eight women whose actions are recorded in the Bible demonstrating God’s design for these areas of life and thought.

“There’s an app for that!”

We launched the strategic renewal app this year 

In March, Strategic Renewal launched our very own app, through which anyone can access our events, our coaching, and our resources, as well as prayer guides and the new Transforming Prayer Podcast. Through this app the ability to touch our members, where they are at, has increased tremendously.  As you can see, since the launch of the app our engagement has continued to grow:

  • 1,094 App Downloads
  • 5,837 App Launches
  • 46,202 App Impressions

The 6:4 Fellowship


With the reorganization of Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship, this summer, Dennis Henderson was chosen to assist Daniel as the National Director of the 6:4 Fellowship. Dennis has been in pastoral ministry for 55 years, and has been the Lead Pastor of 5 churches. He has taught at three different colleges, and has authored a book entitled “Clean Up on Aisle 2.”  

With the addition of Dennis in the National Director Position the members of The 6:4 Fellowship will be better served through his capacity to devote time into organizing and equipping our Regional Directors who will have increased support to communicate and edify the pastors in their respective regions.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that my association with The 6:4 Fellowship has saved  my ministry life on a number of occasions, you know the comradery I have found there with brother s in ministry with the same priorities , brothers  who build me up when I’m hurting, and who I get to do the same for in return, I just haven’t found anything else like that across the ministry spectrum. Their listening ears, their genuine care and compassion have both bailed me out, and built me up more than I can count.”



As we have watched more and more international churches be impacted by what Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship are doing, we were compelled to appoint a Director to help lead this international impact, specifically through The 6:4 Fellowship. So, in April of this year, Len Crowley stepped into the role of International Director for The 6:4 Fellowship and began an initiative to grow The 6:4 Fellowship’s presence internationally.

We have already experienced significant enthusiasm among the Partners.  For example, two groups of over 5,000 pastors in the Philippines and nearly 20,000 in Uganda have recently been introduced to the 6:4 commitment to prayer and the ministry of the Word and the value of 6:4’s community and capacity building materials, tools, and training.  Others, both in North America and overseas are beginning to hear about The 6:4 Fellowship.  Many are seeking a means of starting a relationship with other like-minded pastors.  We want to throw open the doors.  Now is the time!

“Working with Daniel and his team was, not just a real discipleship for me in how a pastor leads a prayer intense life, but how to develop a culture of prayer in the local church.”


“When I left my former state in Queensland, and took my new position here in Tasmania, just a little over two years ago, I left most of the support of my friends and my family up there. And, you know, we’ve traveled some 2200km, that’s about 1400 miles… The 6:4 Fellowship has given me a network of pastors to connect with and to lean into and find the support that I need.”

Brand New Resources In 2020


This year, we released 3 new titles seeking to help create a regular rhythm of seeking God’s face in Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based Prayer. Our new book releases have taken our teaching beyond our own physical limitations and equipped pastors, churches, and individuals. Find out more about all these new books, and new releases coming in 2022, at store.strategicrenewal.com

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