Partner With Us

Partner with us this fall and double your investment for the next generation of church leaders.


Join us this fall in our largest matched giving opportunity to date. Together we can secure a more healthy and hopeful future for the church in North America, by launching a pastoral residency program that will equip the next generation to lead the church into powerful renewal.


All gifts between now and November 1 will be DOUBLED to make twice the impact. Together we can equip emerging, young pastors to transform their communities with the light of Christ. With your gift today, you can help catalyze a new generation of leaders who will be faithful to God’s Word and dependent on Him for a powerful renewal in our churches and our nation.

Please prayerfully share your most generous gift today! Your gift will initiate the expansion of our coaching curriculum, our free resources to pastors, and most importantly – begin placing pastoral residents into praying churches. And remember, every dollar you share before November 1st becomes two through this matching opportunity.


About The 6:4 Residency

The priority of early Church leaders was clear and simple: “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:4). No strategy has been devised in the intervening 2,000 years that adequately replaces that priority.

The 6:4 Residency, sponsored by Strategic Renewal, is designed to raise up a new generation of faithful, reliable, and Spirit-empowered leaders for Christ’s church. Forging a new kind of leader to guide believers in the proven 6:4 pathway will lead to the powerful renewal our churches so desperately need.


Our Gift You

As a token of thanks for your generous gift of $100 or more, we would like to send you a copy of Hope of Nations by John S. Dickerson. John Dickerson the sharpest young leaders when it comes understanding the spiritual pulse of the culture we live. His book lays out a clear path to success for the Church in the coming days. We know you will find this new book absolutely riveting.


Why The Next Generation?

As we look to the future of the church, there are three critical questions that hang unanswered today…

  • Who will lead the Church in the next generation? 

  • What kind of leaders will they be? 

  • What are we going to do about it?

The answers to these questions are urgent and important. Today, prayerlessness, Scriptural infidelity, and leadership failure mar the character of the North American church. Church leaders are distracted, diluted, and discouraged for lack of spiritual health and focus. A return to the priorities of Acts 6:4 is the essential and missing ingredient.

But God has made a way for us to do something about this before it’s too late.  Please join us in a strategic initiative to raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders who are committed to God’s word and radically dependent upon Him in prayer.  Through our brand new 6:4 Residency, you can make a profound investment in shaping the next generation of pastors, who will lead prayer-fueled gospel impact for decades to come.

Partner With Us

This is a BIG vision, one that can only be accomplished as you partner with us. But the investment you make today will reap eternal value for the Kingdom of God and for the next generation of churches. Together we can equip emerging, young pastors to transform their communities with the light of Christ.

Double Your Impact! Remember, every dollar you give through November 1st will be matched. Making twice the impact for the Kingdom. Please join us in this important new initiative and make your very best gift today.