2021 Third Quarter Ministry Impact Report

Thank you for your support that has equipped the Church to seek the face of God - in a time where it is needed most.


The 6:7 Awakening


We continue to navigate such uncertain but crucial times in our nation. As fear grips the souls of millions and division rips at the heart of our nation, we face major decisions about how we will respond to exemplify the gospel.

Pastors and churches, still navigating the repercussions of a global crisis, face a crossroads. Will they go back to status quo programming or trust God for a fresh work of the Spirit and the word, embraced with resolute dependence on God? Will they make the “next new thing” the “first old thing” through passionate praying, bold preaching, and open-hearted surrender?

Your support has been so vital as we have continued to issue a united and urgent call to pastors to walk in the ways of New Testament leadership, prioritizing “prayer and the ministry of the word.” We are pivoting to devote even more of our time and energy to calling, coaching, and connecting pastors to one another with even deeper conviction about all the Lord is able to do in building praying churches and even sparking an awakening in our society. Every pastor influences scores, hundreds, even thousands of lives.

I hope this report will encourage you. While it represents just a small glimpse of all the Lord is doing through your prayers and support, I trust it will spark new hope in the possibilities of genuine renewal among God’s people.

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