A look back at all the ministry and impact that was made possible through your support.


This inspiring Year-End Report, is a catalog of changed lives and transformed churches. As you read it I hope you will remember that the ministries of Strategic Renewal are YOUR CONDUIT. Your partnership flows to and through us to bless and equip pastors, revitalize countless churches, and inspire saints worldwide to experience powerful personal renewal.

You can download a digital copy of the Year-End Report, or scroll down to read some of the highlights of the year below.  If you would like to give, you can do so at the link below. Please ensure that all gifts are made online before midnight on Dec 31st.


Daniel Henderson
Founder and President

It is a privilege to partner with you to accomplish the Kingdom work that is within these pages. The prayers and support that you faithfully give is being used mightily for sustaining church leaders throughout the country and around the world! We are humbled that God has called us to play this part in His mission, and heartily seek to support the health and hope of church leaders to the end of their respective races.  For all that you have done, and will continue to do in this work…

thank you!


Headshot of John
John and his wife Mary have been married since 1974. They have 5 children (all married) and 9 grandchildren. They worked with Life Action Ministries for 47 years, until joining Strategic Renewal. John traveled as a singer with one of the Life Action Teams, then went on staff as Team Director, and then started the Presummit Ministry for Life Action. In 1988, John launched the Donor Development Department where he served for 35 years. John brings with him years of experience in building relationships with pastors and churches, and helping donors develop the gift of giving to advance God’s Kingdom. John and his wife currently live in Lynchburg, VA 

Headshot of Ashton
Ashton has worked in social media management since 2021, working with multiple ministries during that time. She is thankful for the opportunity to work for Strategic Renewal because she sees the positive impact it has on church leaders/pastors’ lives. The last few years have been a great demonstration of God’s faithfulness in her life and her understanding of what it means to be a believer in this world! Ashton enjoys taking walks outside, especially after a long day working on the computer! She would love to travel and hopes to continue working in ministry for the rest of her career, perhaps even overseas! She currently lives in Savannah, GA. 


Headshot of Heather
Heather started working part-time for Strategic Renewal in January 2023. She has been a licensed hairdresser for 15 years and continues to work in this industry. Most of her free time is spent with her husband and two young boys that keep her busy. While working for Strategic Renewal, she has enjoyed getting to communicate with various churches and organizations.  She loves getting to hear personal testimonies of how Daniels ministry has impacted so many, including pastors and their congregation. She currently lives with her family in Moneta, VA

The 6:3 Discipleship

Pursuing Spirit-powered Character and Service


This past year has been one of growing the roots of The 6:3 Discipleship. We launched the year with a campaign to highlight our Renewal Coaching ministry. We currently have 11 coaches on the team and half of them have led one or more Transforming Weekends or Prayer Summits. Additionally, we are encouraged to see ministry opportunities with our Renewal Coaching team picking up this fall and are beginning to schedule into 2024. 

By the end of the calendar year, we will have hosted two rounds of our Discipleship Guidepost coaching of Deeper Life, Transforming Prayer, Transforming Wisdom, and Transforming Presence. The Lord has used these cohorts to awaken dozens to the beauty of worship-based prayer and to bring fresh equipment and encouragement to Spirit-empowered service in the local church. 

The Lord has also continued to open doors to the next generation by building prayer sidewalks where the footpaths already exist. We have been able to integrate our Transforming Prayer coaching into two different classes at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN. One of the classes is the foundational ministry class that all Masters of Divinity students take, and we trust that this will help equip future generations of church leaders in worship-based prayer. 

Lastly, we completed our next “21 Days” book, which is titled, 21 Days of Prayer for Your Church Leaders. This resource is authored by our Strategical Renewal Board and Staff! We trust that, in 2024, the Lord will continue to bring Kingdom fruit as we partner together in prayer!

The 6:7 Awakening

our first international Gathering







From standing-room-only morning prayer, to dynamic worship sessions, and all through life-giving prayer that edified all in attendance, Strategic Renewal’s first international 6:7 Awakening gathering was tremendously uplifting and glorifying to God.

From May 30 – June 1, 2023, around 350 souls gathered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for The 6:7 Awakening. We had the privilege of partnering with the local staff and body at Centre Street Church to put on this one-of-a-kind event

The 6:4 Fellowship

Pastors Committed to PRayer-and-Word-Powered Ministry


Two words come to my mind to sum up 2023 – travel and connection. I traveled to 31 cities this year. Airports became my second home. My travels took me from Mexico to Canada, Seattle to Florida, California to New York and many places in the middle. This travel consisted of Days of Renewal, Reclaim Luncheons, Transforming Weekends, and speaking in various churches. Each of these events allowed leaders to connect with one another and has built a stronger base for 6:4 pastors. 

New in 2023, our Reclaim Luncheons allowed us to minister to over 1,000 pastors across the country, with an additional 1,000 leaders making connections through our Days of Renewal and our conference in Calgary, Canada. We discovered in the Reclaim Luncheons a valuable pattern to continue in the years to come, which will be led by our Regional Directors. 

Billie and I are closing out the year with another Couples Coaching Cohort. Ministry to couples is one of the most rewarding parts of my assignments. Keeping healthy marriages for our pastors is critical. In addition, we have been able to have two wonderful couples retreats this year in Jupiter, Florida and San Diego, California, for 52 couples. These have been underwritten by a generous donor who has a burden for ministry marriages. Finally, in October we hosted our largest Global Symposium to date, with 125 pastors. 

Prayer Culture Immersion Experience – Brooklyn, NY

This past August, Strategic Renewal hosted more than 50 up-and-coming church leaders at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. Through generous donations, these young church plant pastors and seminarians were given resources, training, and a taste of what it means to build a church with a prayer culture.
We are greatly encouraged by the impact that this event had on those who attended. The gratitude was palpable in the room as you can see from the hand-written comments on this page. This experience played a major part in setting and/or changing the trajectory of the ministries to which God has called each of these men.
Please be in prayer for future versions of this experience, that they may bring similar impact to more and more pastors of the next generation! 

International Impact

International fellowship & 6:4press

Headsont of Len


Internationally, the 6:4PRESS publication of Praying the Psalms has gone to another level. All five volumes, including all 150 psalms, have been assembled into a single book, the “Complete Volume.” Praying the Psalms contains an introduction to Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer, brief commentaries and prayer guides for each psalm, historical context about their development and use, and a comprehensive listing of the names of God used in this evocative Bible book. 

As soon as this work became known to various ministry leaders, the Lord brought collaborators “out of the woodwork” to begin getting it into other native tongues. In 2023, our team has contracted to translate this entire work into seven languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi (Iran and Eastern Turkey), and Croatian (Vol. 1 only for a special event set for the summer of 2024). Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and Ukrainian are already finished! Additionally, French and Japanese are in development, and interest for a Swahili version has just emerged.

In May, the brand new 6:4 ministry magazine, SIX:SEVEN, was introduced at our 6:7 Awakening. This magazine was created as a means of introducing 6:4 as well as engaging pastors and supporters. It has quickly been enthusiastically received. Our intent is to publish two editions annually. Edition #2 has just arrived.

6:4 is becoming known and appreciated by pastors and church leaders, and we are beginning to see an acceleration internationally. In 2023, 50 new 6:4 members were added from outside North America, and there are now 6:4 pastors representing nearly 60 countries around the world. 

Comunidad 6:4

Since January our Spanish-speaking contingent has developed quite the following on their social media accounts @comunidad64 (Facebook) & @64comunidad (Instagram), including more than 400 followers on their Instagram account. This interest inspired a new membership for The 6:4 Fellowship. 

We felt that it wasn’t enough to just have a stale auto translator change the words on the current English pages, and so the task was undertaken to create a space for these members to feel at home and welcomed in not only their own language but also in their own culture. This includes local photographs of Hispanic church interaction, and limits on pages like Events and Resources that only show them what is relevant to those south of the border. 

logo for Comunidad 6:4

While the Latin America Region of The 6:4 Fellowship (Comunidad 6:4) includes South America and any other Spanish speaking 6:4 pastors, it is driven by its Regional Director who is located in Queretaro, Mexico. Though it was labor of love, as of the third quarter of 2023 those who speak Spanish have a membership, a Regional Director, a portion of our website, as well as resources all in their native tongue. 

Strategic Renewal

John’s first 6 months

Headshot of John


Wow, what a whirlwind these last 6 months have been. Very busy but SO rewarding. My journey with Strategic Renewal feels like it began with attending a Pastor’s Conference at The Brooklyn Tabernacle in April. I was privileged to hear Daniel share, with passion & conviction, the need for each person in attendance to be committed to Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer! I then enjoyed the opportunity to sit in Jim Cymbala’s office and just listen as he shared powerful one-liners from the decades of his ministry.

The next stop on this whirlwind was The 6:7 Awakening in Calgary. It was a joy to serve and meet many of Strategic Renewal’s Board members as well as several donors. It was also an inspiring experience to take in all the truth from our speakers & National Leaders.

In between these events I’ve been working with Christa Henderson (by the way, she is amazing) updating our information systems and utilizing our DonorPerfect software. Calling and visiting with donors, to thank them for their gifts, gives me a wonderful opportunity to pray with them & for them. I love that part of what I do, as it deepens relationships. 

Another important focus I have had since arriving is to do all we can to expand our reach to like-minded people who can help us fulfill our mission through partnering with us monthly. Our burden is to develop a system to help us generate more monthly partnerships, which is a huge task. I have also sought to create a more accessible Legacy Giving Platform, which is important for future ministry.

Overall the best highlight was to attend the Immersion Experience at the The Brooklyn Tabernacle in August. I was inspired to see these next generation pastors understand and commit themselves to Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer!

Brand New Resources In 2023

Cover of Book

The staff and board of Strategic Renewal have worked together to compile a resource that will help you pray for the church leaders in your life. 21 days of Prayer for Your Church Leaders: Lifting Up a Shield of Intercession will inspire you to stand in the gap for those who God has appointed to lead you.


Book standing on its end

Praying The Psalms: The Complete Volume includes all 150 Psalms in a single book. Each Psalm in the book includes a helpful summary along with a biblical guide for prayer. When our staff saw the prototype, someone called it “The Original Hymnal.” Though the Book of Psalms itself has that rightful title, what a great addition to your “pew Bible” this resource would be!


two magazines laying onto of one another

SIX:SEVEN Magazine
Volume #1 is a chronicle of the origin, details, and ideals of The 6:4 Fellowship, this publication focuses on the foundational concepts and resources that Strategic Renewal and its ministries (of which The 6:4 Fellowship is one) have utilized, for decades, to become the agent of renewal that they are in the lives of church leaders across the country and around the world. Volume #2 continues the narrative of our ministry, with details of the origin and foundation of The 6:3 Discipleship as well as the unique Strategic Renewal Prayer Summit, which will celebrate 30 years in existence this February in the Sacramento area!



Find out more about all these and new releases coming in 2024, at store.strategicrenewal.com

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Join Us, In 2024, As We Champion a Glorious Finish for Pastors and Church Leader

For all of us, life and ministry are a marathon, not just a sprint. We are running for the eternal victory stand, not just the earthly finish line. Our ultimate calling is to “His eternal glory in Christ” (1 Peter 5:10). Our real scoreboard is in heaven. 

This is the most powerful motivation for all we do together. 

As we equip church leaders to make the “next new thing” the “first old thing” – by returning to a biblical model for supernatural gospel impact – we are participating in the realties that truly matter, both now and in eternity. As you giving toward our year-end goal, you participate in His eternal glory, and accelerate our combined impact on the church and the culture. 

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