21 Days of Transforming Prayer

How Everything Changes When You Seek God's Face



Brand new for 2022. It’s no wonder so many people are discouraged with prayer. Instead of a genuine encounter with God, many find prayer is little more than a grocery list of requests. Maybe you, too, seek God’s hand rather than His face. This new daily, devotional format will help you develop a step by step guide to daily spiritual renewal.

In this book, Daniel Henderson shows you how to overcome common barriers to praying effectively, awaken your prayer life with simple, biblical patterns of prayer, and enjoy Spirit-led prayer sparked by scripture passages. When you experience the profound difference of worship-based prayer, your faith and life will never be the same.

Includes 21 daily readings along and an audio prayer to follow along with each day.

Also a great group option for your small groups or your entire church to go through together! Call 720-627-5932 or info@strategicrenewal.com for bulk pricing on more than 75 copies. For less than 75, please see our 10-pack option available online at our store for a discount.

The Pathway to Transforming Prayer

The 21 daily reading of Transforming Prayer will lead you to guide posts, along the pathway, such as:

Day 1. Beyond a “Grocery List” of Needs
Day 2. The Potential for Transformation
Day 3. What is Blocking the Breakthrough?
Day 4. Face Time!
Day 5. Face-to-Face Biblical Encounters with God
Day 6. Glowin’ Moses and a Transformed You
Day 7. The Case of the Missing Prayer List
Day 8. All Prayer Requests Are Not Created Equal
Day 9. The God-Glorifying Prayers of Jesus and Paul
Day 10. Go for the Glory!
Day 11. How Abiding Guides Our Asking
Day 12. How His Spirit Ignites Our Supplication
Day 13. How His Name Corrects Our Nonsense
Day 14. How Revelation Motivates Our Response
Day 15. Pray This, Not That
Day 16. Transforming Prayer for Dummies
Day 17. This Is How We Do It – Part 1
Day 18. This is How We Do It – Part 2
Day 19. Coming Out of the Prayer Closet
Day 20. The Privileges, Possibilities, and Provision Related to Prayer
Day 21. Your Role in Organic Revival

The book also includes application questions and an audio prayer to follow along with each day.


The following playlist of prayers is to be used alongside the book 21 Days of Transforming Prayer. Each prayer corresponds to your daily reading. Our hope is that this will be a powerful tool help you to live and pray with greater intentionality as you go through the Transforming Prayer material.

Strategic Renewal · 21 Days of Transforming Prayer

Be sure to bookmark this page on your computer or mobile device so you can pull it up each day as you read.

These prayers are also available on the Strategic Renewal App!