21 Ways to Motivate Your People To Pray More

For an in-depth explanation on these 21 Ways, check out Dee Duke’s workshop from the 2013 National Conference. 


1.  Believe without a doubt that the more praying that your church does the more God will bless.  Much prayer – much blessing.  Little prayer – little blessing.  No prayer – no blessing. 


2.  Personally be devoted to prayer. Pray a lot. The church rarely out prays the leader. The lid principle. 


3.  Pray a lot for your people.


4.  Increase the number of corporate prayer times in your church.


5.  Pray with your wife. 


6.  Preach and teach about prayer often and regularly.  Time the preaching before a major prayer event. Boil the water. 


7.  Recruit people to pray for you.


8.  Look for those “given” to prayer, and train them to be leaders.


9.  Make a personal commitment or goal to prayer so that your time in prayer doesn’t slip.   


10.  Teach others the value of making a personal commitment or goal to prayer.


11.  Plan regular prayer events.


12.  Encourage people to identify lost friends and neighbors, write their names down, and pray for them every day as a discipline for life.


13.  Plan and promote prayer walking "short term" mission trips, especially to closed countries. 


14.  Read books on prayer, listen to sermons on prayer, and go to conferences and seminars on prayer to keep your faith and passion hot. 


15.  Encourage main prayer leaders to do the same.  In fact, buy some good books on prayer and give to them and invite them to go with you to seminars. 


16.  Develop an effective in-church intercessory prayer program. 


17.  Have testimonies of answered prayer often.


18.  Use men’s ministries to encourage men to pray with their wives and families. 


19.  Schedule and plan periodic in-church prayer seminars with an outside speaker.


20.  Pray with other pastors and church leaders outside your own church. 


21.  Never give up!