21 Days To A Deeper Life

Your guide to greater fruitfulness and fulfillment.


Escape the fog of daily distractions and unfulfilled goals. Daniel Henderson helps you live with greater focus and intentionality, in this new daily, devotional format. Your step-by-step guide to daily spiritual renewal for the new year.

Based on the book, The Deeper Life, by Daniel Henderson and Brenda Brown. This streamlined, devotional format will help you start each day with a simple and steady focus toward accomplishing all that God has planned for you.

Also a great group option for your small groups or your entire church to go through together! Call 720-627-5932 for bulk discount pricing.

The Road To The Deeper Life

The Deeper Life material helps you find personal and Biblical answers to the 8 vital questions everyone asks:

  • Who is God? (Theology)
  • Who am I? (Identity)
  • Why am I here? (Purpose)
  • What really matters? (Values)
  • What shall I do? (Priorities)
  • How shall I do it? (Goals)
  • When shall I do it? (Time)
  • How will I finish? (Legacy)

Includes 21 daily readings along with application questions and an audio prayer to follow along with each day.

Begin NOW


The following playlist of prayers is to be used alongside the book 21 Days To A Deeper Life. Each prayer corresponds to your daily reading. Our hope is that this will be a powerful tool help you to live and pray with greater intentionality as you go through the Deeper Life material.

Be sure to bookmark this page on your computer or mobile device so you can pull it up each day as you read.

Go Deeper With Coaching

Sometimes the biggest questions in life require the help of an outside perspective. Join The Deeper Life authors, Daniel Henderson and Brenda Brown, on a personal coaching experience this January.  Groups for men and women begin in January.

The Deeper Life Coaching Experience will equip you to:

  • Answer the eight vital questions every fruitful Christian must address
  • Receive practical instruction for daily renewal
  • Discover your biblical, personal answers to guide you to a new year of integrity and impact
  • Be equipped with an individually-tailored plan for dynamic, integrated effectiveness