6 Things I Don’t Want To Hear…As a Father

I’m prayerful that my daughter would never have cause to say the following 6 things:

1. Please Spend Time with Me
There are few things more valuable in the life of a child. Quality time can be a difference maker in their emotional and spiritual development. Proficient event planning or doubling as a character at Disney is not necessary to make an impact. Just being together often will pay life long dividends.

2. You Don’t Practice What You Preach
Duplicity is a killer. Nobody’s perfect but honesty and transparency must be central. It positively shapes the behavior and worldview of a child especially when it comes to morals, ethics and values. They are always watching the action that comes after the words.

3. Being At Home Is A Bummer
It’s proven that children are affected by the moods of their parents. Life is not always puppies and kittens, but a nurturing attitude seen in Mom and Dad creates a safe environment and laughter makes home a desirable place.

4. We Never Talk About Stuff
Raising kids well involves probing into their daily world and asking questions about their lives, relationships and activities. It’s not a bother, it’s parenting. It demonstrates care and opens healthy lines of communication.

5. You Stopped Praying
It’s easy to start praying when they are small but it is another thing to keep praying as they get older. Prayer is often a kid’s first grasp of a relationship with God so continuing it as they mature can be vital to spiritual growth. It also maintains intimacy with Christ and each other. The family that prays together… you know the rest.

6. Do You Love Me?
If this question comes down the pipe, chances are it’s too late to clear it up in one moment. This undoubtedly came from a pattern of behavior and words or omissions of the same. This statement should never be dismissed regardless of its validity.


©2014 Jason Autry.  Originally posted at jasonautry.com