6:7 Day - Prayer Culture Immersion

Sponsor a young pastor to experience what a praying church looks like, and then to be coached on creating a prayer culture in the church that God calls him to.



Imagine the potential impact of a new generation of young church leaders whose biblical convictions are clear and whose bold leadership in prayer is extraordinary! You are invited to play a significant role in equipping this very generation for the sake of the gospel. 

There is an old Brazilian proverb that states, “The heart cannot taste what the eyes have not seen.” Seeing a powerful example of God at work through prayer can change the trajectory of a pastor’s ministry and inspire fresh faith to trust God for great things. 

This is why Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship are hosting a carefully-vetted group of future pastors (seminary students and young, under-30, church planters), for an “immersion experience” of prayer and training with Pastor Jim Cymbala and 6:4 Directional Leaders at The Brooklyn Tabernacle on August 8-9, 2023. 

Prayer Culture Immersion

Those chosen will receive:

  • Multiple opportunities to experience powerful prayer at Brooklyn Tabernacle
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting
  • Training sessions with Pastor Cymbala and other 6:4 leaders
  • Coaching in the principles of scripture-fed, Spirit-led, worship-based prayer 
  • Sessions with Daniel Henderson and 6:4 leaders to equip them in the principles of leading a culture of prayer
  • Sponsored travel, meals, and accommodations for all of the above

Some of the young pastors already chosen:

Church Planters:

Seminary Students:



Join Us In Prayer

From now, until August 9th, we encourage you to pray with us at 6:07am and 6:07pm every day. Set your timer and intercede with us for God’s blessing on this campaign, the pastors involved, but most importantly the scores, hundreds, and even thousands of lives that will be affected by these young men building houses of prayer in the generation to come! Here are some specifics that, by God’s grace, we would appreciate in your prayers:

  • The individuals that will be chosen – that God would prepare their hearts to hear His truth
  • A new understanding, for each of them, of seeking God’s face, instead of just His hand
  • The logistics of getting these men to and from Brooklyn – including air fare, accommodations, and scheduling
  • The 6:4 Leaders that will be pouring into those chosen – that the Holy Spirit would inspire them to speak in a manner that would resonate with these specific men
  • The impact of this experience, that it would inspire, encourage, and empower these men to be completely devoted to prayer and the ministry of the word in the churches that God already has planned for them to lead.
  • That these men would, in turn, inspire the surrounding pastors, of the community in which they end up, to return to the priorities of Acts 6:4


Join Us Through Giving

If it is still on your heart to give to this initiative, you may through the button below. The investment you make will reap eternal value for the Kingdom of God and for the health of churches for generations to come. Together we can give young pastors an inspirational foundation that will equip them to build their churches with a commitment to Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer.