6:7 Day

International Translation Campaign

Partner with us this June to bring Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based Prayer of the Psalms to millions in their heart language.



Strategic Renewal has been asked by our ministry partners, in other nations, to provide one of our most popular resources, Praying the Psalms, in Spanish, French, Russian, and Mandarin. In this endeavor, we need your help! Would you join us, as we seek to translate, produce, and distribute this powerful resource to millions of people across the globe in their native tongue. In our effort to build disciples, like those in Acts 6:3, and encourage pastors to become leaders, like those in Acts 6:4, we continue to believe for an awakening in our world like that in Acts 6:7. Praying the Psalms is a foundational tool in that process, and now we have the opportunity to share it internationally.

This matching campaign, has been extended! Your gifts, of any amount, will continue to be matched dollar for dollar up to $67,000, until the end of June in an effort to reach our goal.

Please prayerfully share your most generous gift toward this important project! Your gift will catalyze the expansion of Strategic Renewal and its ministries on a world scale. Please help us make the Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer experience available to millions across the globe, in their heart language!


Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based Prayer


  • Praying the Psalms encourages an open Bible in prayer
  • Included is a brief description, category, and summary of each Psalm based on the scripture itself


  • Praying His Words back to Him means that God is the one initiating the conversation
  • Included is a prayer guide that gives open-ended prompts to let the Spirit guide the specific prayer, in specific ways


  • Every prayer guide follows the 4/4 Pattern of Prayer, which models seeking God’s face before His hand
  • This is the way that Jesus taught us to pray!
  • Reverence, Response, Request & Readiness are part of each guided prayer


  • Prayer is intimacy with God which leads to the fulfillment of His purposes
  • How beautiful it is that Jesus came to speak to us in our language
  • He is worthy! We are needy!


Praying the Psalms Has Already Impacted Many

Justin Jeppesen expresses his experience with worship-based prayer and the Psalms.


This year I wanted to pour into our leaders. We bought 175 Praying the Psalms books and sent them to our leadership as a gift, and then invited them to join us for a daily Zoom prayer time from 7:30-8:00am where we pray through the Psalm.  Me (or another pastor) act as Field Marshalls, directing prayer, calling on leaders, keeping strong engagement…it’s been awesome!
We started with about 50-60 leaders in prayer…are 23 days in…and still have about 50-60 leaders!  So awesome! 

– Craig Trierweiler, New Hope, Traverse City


Len Crowley, International Director for The 6:4 Fellowship


6:4 Pastor Sylvio Janelle, from St-Georges in Québec, expresses his excitement for the International Translation Project

Partner Through Prayer

From now, until June 7th, we encourage you to pray with us at 6:07am and 6:07pm every day. Set your timer and intercede with us for God’s blessing on this campaign and the many lives that will be recipients of this new resource, including:

  • A renewed desire to pray worldwide
  • A new understanding of seeking God’s face, instead of just His hand
  • Pray for specific nations, and pastors to lead this revival of prayer
  • Pray for the health and encouragement of pastors in your community
  • Pray that pastors across the globe would return to the priorities of Acts 6:4

Please also pray for the practical production:

  • The individuals that will be translating – their hearts, skills, and accuracy
  • The printing  – that the resources needed would be available and stewarded well
  • The distribution – that the supply lines to each of these countries would be free and clear of any delay


Partner Through Giving

This can only be accomplished as you partner with us. The investment you make today will reap eternal value for the Kingdom of God and for the health of churches for generations to come. Simply click the link below, and select 6:7 Day from the dropdown menu. Together we can equip pastors, leaders, and churches around the world to transform their communities with the light of Christ as they model a commitment to worship-based prayer.