This 6:7 Day (June 7th) we will be raising funds
to do just that!  

6:7 refers to Acts chapter 6, verse 7, when an awakening in the culture took place, “And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.” This kind of cultural awakening is the vision of Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship. We truly believe that to see this vision actualized requires the empowerment of pastors committing to the priorities of ministry like those in Acts 6:4.

This June, we are seeking to raise $67k in a response to a few generous donors who would like to stand alongside your support and match dollar for dollar what you give toward this goal. This matching campaign will culminate on June 7th (6:7 Day). These funds will facilitate the creation and ongoing support of 6:4 pastors which will, in turn, impact hundreds and thousands of lives through their empowered lives and ministries. Would you help us support these 6:4 pastors on 6:7 day?

Pastoral Resilience

In a few recent studies pastors spoke of their greatest needs:

  • 71% said – A Consistency in Prayer
  • 67% said – Trusted Friendship
  • 63% said – Rest and Renewal

These are the exact things that Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship are seeking to provide, and with your help we can continue to support these leaders in their areas of need.

Hear the need, straight from some of them: 

With your support The 6:4 Fellowship will be enabled to:

aerial view of a light blue ranch-style house with a blacktop drive way*Administer the use of our ministry house that was designed to offer 6:4 pastors, and their families, a respite away from their daily duties. This house is located near Smith Mountain Lake, in Moneta, VA, and is intended to be a cost-free stay for the pastors, and their families, who use it. These pastors will enjoy a beautiful get-away lodging with:

  • Completely furnished bedrooms – master and a second (sleeps 6 including sofa)
  • A well appointed living room, kitchen and laundry
  • A fenced backyard – including hot tub!


a circle logo with palm branches and a watermark of a starfish*Provide Marriage Retreats for those in the fellowship, and thereby offering them rest and renewal wherever they are in their journey. Ministry must come out of personal and marital health and these retreats remind 6:4 pastors that their first ministry is to their spouse. These retreat provides:
  • A resort type experience to let them get-away from the rigors of ministry, and be refreshed
  • Biblical reminders, as well as testimonies, of God’s design for marriage even if/when it feels like it’s on the rocks
  • Opportunities to connect with other ministry couples


blue background with circular lines and the conference name: 6:7 that is a gradient of orange to yellow horizontally*Host an annual conference that exemplifies the mission of Strategic Renewal, and provides a model of consist prayer, relational connections and reconnections, as well as rest and renewal. This event will be three ministry changing days when saints from across North America, and around the world, can gather together. Support from this campaign will allow:
  • Costs for registration to be kept low
  • A live stream event for those who cannot travel, including online workshops and a live host on site
  • Additional, strategic, speakers to meet attendees where they are and increase their personal resilience


Red block with 6:4 written in white within it and regional prayer call titled underneath
*Strengthen the leadership structure of The 6:4 Fellowship to be able to shepherd the members and engage with them, and them with us, in a more compassionate and consistent manner as it continues to grow. Personal touches in on-boarding new members will set us apart from other membership-based ministries, and will build friendships inherently along the way. These are some touch-points that are important to us:
  • Individual welcome by Regional Directors and/or Regional Leaders for each new member
  • Weekly regional prayer calls for camaraderie, accountability, and corporately seeking God’s face
  • Strategic Regional Leader engagement, on a more individual level, to truly support and edify our members.


*Continue to produce & curate resources that facilitate prayer in 6:4 pastor’s local churches. Resources such as books, prayer guides, and mentoring videos have come alongside 6:4 pastors for years and given them tools that edify their own lives as well as the lives of their congregations.


Join Us In Prayer

From now, until June 7th, we encourage you to pray with us at 6:07am and 6:07pm every day. Set your timer and intercede with us for God’s blessing on this campaign, the pastors involved, but most importantly the scores, hundreds, and even thousands of lives that will be affected by these leaders building houses of prayer ! Here are some specifics that, by God’s grace, we would appreciate in your prayers:

  • Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship will use these funds directly and appropriately to benefit the lives of the pastorate
  • The individuals that God has chosen to be blessed by the events and programs supported by this campaign
    • A new understanding, for each of them, of seeking God’s face, instead of just His hand
    • A spark within them to pray fervently and preach boldly as God has designed them to do
    • That these men would, in turn, inspire the surrounding pastors, of their communities to return to the priorities of Acts 6:4
  • Many will be blessed and encouraged by the 6:7 Strategic Renewal Conference (March 18-20, 2025) of the same theme: Resilience, both those in attendance and those who attend the live stream event
  • Feel free to utilize this free sample of 21 Day of Prayer for Your Church Leaders to pray specifics for those who will be impacted by this campaign.
    • You can also find prayer guides from this book in our resource library HERE.
    • To purchase a full version of this book, and further support this initiative, click HERE.


Join Us Through Giving

This campaign will culminate on June 7th, but if it is on your heart to give to this initiative, even now, you may do so through the button below. The investment you make will reap eternal value for the Kingdom of God and for the health of churches for generations to come. Together we can give pastors an inspirational foundation that will equip them to build their churches with a commitment to Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer.