8Q Coaching & The Deeper Life

Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of the Soul

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All 8Q Coaching is now being facilitated by The 6:3 Discipleship as part of our Guidepost Coaching Series on the Discipleship by Design Pathway. If you are interested in a broader range of coaching opportunities for church members, you can find out more on the 6:3 COACHING PAGE.

We do offer group experiences on The Deeper Life, Satisfying the 8 Longings of the Soul for both men and women, taught by the Director of The 6:3 Discipleship and author of The Deeper Life, Daniel Henderson. These typically begin during the month on January.

If you are interested in being privately coached through The Deeper Life curriculum by one of our Renewal Coaches, please write to us at info@strategicrenewal.com.



Who is God?

Personal Theology

You will develop a practical working theology statement that will serve as a foundation and fuel for vital daily renewal.


Who am I?

Core Identity

You will clarify a powerful personal identity statement that will empower you to overcome common insecurities and discouragements.


Why am I here?

Life Purpose

You will revisit and refine the biblical, motivational core of purpose for the sake of your effective stewardship and effectiveness.


What really matters?

Guiding Values

You will identify the core values that are essential to steer your daily life, family and ministry.


What should I do?

Clarified Priorities

You will discover the essential priorities that will empower you to say “no” to the distractions that dilute your impact and fulfillment.


How should I do it?

Relevant Goals

You will specify goals to help accomplish your vital priorities in order to achieve the Lord’s intentions for a fruitful life.


When should I do it?

Redeeming Time

Discover practical ways to steward the every aspect of your daily routine and turn your minutes into moments for greater opportunity.


How will I finish?

Lasting Legacy

You will envision and articulate a statement of what you hope your life will have counted for and the impact of your life on others at the end of the journey.