A Great Prayer For Yourself And For Those You Love

I love Psalm 119. Many of the verses are perfectly written prayers. Here’s an example of one I pray frequently:

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133

Sin, by its very nature, is addictive. It is very alluring. Once tasted, it creates an appetite for more that can be difficult to overcome. Sin is designed to make you hungry and then to enslave you with ever-increasing cravings. Sin takes prisoners and sin makes captives.

Notice what David prayed: Let no sin rule over me. I love that because of David’s zero-tolerance policy. It wasn’t acceptable for David to be 90% free; he wanted 100% freedom from sin. That doesn’t mean that he never sinned, it means that no sin would rule him. It means that he would be the slave of none but God.

What about you? Look at your life right now, at this precise moment, and honestly consider whether any sin owns you. What about jealousy, worry, anger, fear, lust, pride, or lack of faith? What about addictions to work, alcohol and drugs, pornography or spending money? Just name the area and sin will find a way to addict you to it.

So look at David’s battle plan. He took very deliberate steps to avoid sin’s attractions. His prayer? Direct my footsteps according to your word. David’s defense strategy was really quite simple: follow God’s Word. Now remember that David’s Bible was the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Old Testament. That’s the Word that David knew most. He believed that what God had said through Moses in the Old Testament was enough to keep his soul free from sin. And so he bet the farm on it. David’s plan was God’s Word. If he was faithful to take his steps according the God’s promises, God would be faithful to steer David clear of sin’s strongholds.

The same still works today and we are much better equipped than David. We have the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of the Old Testament prophets, and we have the entire New Testament. God has set us up to win.

Determine today to walk according to God’s Word. No sin should ever rule you. Free yourself into the delightful slavery to God’s promises. Pray with David: Lord, direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.