A Tribute to Pastors


A Tribute to America’s Pastors 

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 12, 2012 

A pastor’s work is never done.
He’s sermons to prepare
and calls to make
and folks to see in dire need of care.

He mentors men who’ve lost their jobs.
He marries grooms and brides.
For those confused who need to talk,
in him they can confide.

He’s at the bedside of the sick.
He’s at his daughter’s game.
He eulogizes those who’ve died.
He knows his flock by name.

He comforts widows in their grief.
He counsels single dads.
He hangs with kids to understand
their pressures, dreams and fads.

He visits those who lost a limb
while serving in Iraq.
He offers words of hope to moms
whose boys did not come back.

He spends time with the leadership
to shape the church’s goals.
But he is just as comfortable
with ex-cons on parole.

He calms the staff when they are stressed.
He prays at Rotary.
He seeks out those he knows are new
in his community.

Each Sunday as he leads in prayer,
he is most confident
that God will guide the process
as we choose a president.

And yet in spite of all he does,
you won’t hear him complain.
He’s energized by all the ways
he serves in Jesus’ name.

So in this month of saying thanks
to pastors and to priests,
let’s honor these we need the most
who serve the lost and least.

This poem is taken from Greg’s book “Sunday Rhymes and Reasons” available through Amazon.com