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What Is Access+?

Access+ is a brand new, premier membership for current 6:4 Fellowship members. Your membership subscription provides access to insider resources and benefits not available to our broader list of 6:4 Fellowship members, including:

  • Priority access to 6:4 leaders
  • Event and product discounts
  • Consulting services
  • and more…


Who Is Access+ For?

Access+ is for 6:4 Fellowship churches wanting to go deeper in developing a culture of prayer in your church. Your membership brings you into the inner circle, providing your church with private access, premium resources, services, events not available to the rest of the Fellowship.

More importantly, your membership furthers the movement of The 6:4 Fellowship in calling more pastors and churches back to a New Testament model of leadership.


Access+ Benefits


  • Quarterly “Ask Me Anything” Zoom calls with 6:4 National Director Daniel Henderson 
  • Priority access to Daniel Henderson for church visits and events.
  • Access to private worship-based prayer cohorts


  • Complimentary digital pass to 6:4 Fellowship events (National Conference, Days of Renewal, etc.)
  • Two complimentary registrations for 6:4 National Conference.
  • Discounts on Strategic Renewal’s Pastoral and Leadership Coaching.



  • Premium content developed exclusively for A+ partners, including worship-ready PPT slides for Scripture Fed, Spirit Led, Worship based prayer
  • Leadership development curriculum in conjunction with the 6:4 Residency program
  • Access to 6:4 PRESS publishing services


  • Developing Long-term Church Vision
  • Biblical Eldership & Governance
  • Fundraising & Financial Stewardship 
  • Growth Planning & Multiplication  
  • Multicultural Church Planting 


This next level of membership enables us to invest more time into those who are most invested in our vision and mission. $64 month is a small percentage for many churches and allows us to focus on resources back into your congregation. If you would like to give more, or a percentage of your church’s budget, that would be welcomed.  

Above and beyond your investment in the vision of Acts 6:4 as a global pastoral movement, you also receive access to features not available to the broader 6:4 Fellowship audience, including

  • Quarterly meetings with Daniel Henderson 
  • Private worship-based prayer cohorts
  • Member only consultation services
  • Discount and digital passes to our 6:4 event passes
  • Plus ongoing exclusive content

If you are looking to go further in your leadership of prayer and the ministry of the word, it is a great investment. The value of the membership far exceeds the cost!

Access+ Members are The 6:4 Fellowship members who are hungry for more – more resources, more connection, more depth of discipleship in the things that matter most: prayer and the ministry of the word.

No, there is no annual commitment. Your access begins immediately upon signing up. If you don’t feel you are getting the value you desire, you can cancel your Access+ membership at any time! 

Shaping a culture of prayer in the church is an uphill battle. We say that it is much more a “crockpot” than a “microwave.” Think of this as the long-term support, resourcing, and encouragement that you need to succeed. Your membership puts you on the top of the list of our churches to receive ongoing help in becoming authentic praying churches.

It’s easy! Your welcome email will detail how access your numerous benefits. You will also receive email notifications for upcoming Access+ only gatherings. When you would like to initiate certain features or benefits of your membership all you have to do is email and we’ll facilitate the process.

Simple email and we’ll facilitate the discounted rate for your particular product or  event.

Call our office at 720-627-5932, or email us at

While your membership contributions do help the ongoing support of our non-profit ministry, because of all the above benefits and financial value associated with those benefits, the membership is not tax deductible. However, if your membership is processed through your church budget/accounts, this is of no consequence.

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