Private Coaching Options

Personalized coaching experiences for your unique ministry situation.

Our 90 Days To Pastoral Empowerment experience has trained hundreds of pastors to identify and overcome the obstacles to greater ministry impact. These small coaching cohorts have empowered pastors to lead more effectively and develop a culture of spiritual transformation.

However, we understand that some people prefer the privacy of a one-on-one coaching experience. Maybe you are a mega church pastor, looking for a safe space to develop some areas of your personal life or ministry. Or maybe you have some very sensitive issues you need to work through in your ministry that would require greater confidentiality than our group sessions would offer.  Whatever your scenario, our customized coaching experience is a great option for you.


If you are new to Strategic Renewal’s coaching ministry, you can find out more on our website about our 90 Day To Pastoral Empowerment and our 180 Days To Church Transformation options.  Our private coaching combines the best of these two options and offers you the flexibility of tackling your own issues at a pace that best serves you.  While there is no minimum requirement, we do recommend at least three coaching sessions for effective and long-term results. If you would like to begin your own personal journey with us, here’s what you can expect.

  • Initial Review + 2 Hour Consultation. We will work with you to discover a God-sized, Biblical vision for your unique ministry, and initiate some first actions steps to put you on the path of renewal. We will audit your current ministry situation, get to know your unique congregation and help you to identify proven steps for renewal. Prior to your initial consultation, we will also provide you free resources that will clarify new priorities and help you set long terms goals for success.
  • Implementation: Once you have a clear vision for the next steps, we will equip you with a plan of action and the tools to make it happen. Together, you and Daniel Henderson will work to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls that would hinder you from seeing the vision become a reality.
  • Analyze and Adapt:   You know that change is hard. Your church will inevitably find itself in some unique situations as you seek to discard old, unfruitful practices. Daniel will draw on his decades of pastoral and coaching experience to guide you through your unique challenges and help you stay the course.

We trust that you will find your coaching sessions to be invaluable. Fortunately, you can continue your coaching journey for as long as you like. We offer continued consultation meetings to you at discounted hourly rates. The frequency of meetings can be adjusted to fit your situation and season of ministry.


While our group offerings provide a wide arrange of benefits, our private options offers some unique features that may be better suited for your specific ministry situation.  Some of those key benefits are:

  • The best of our 90 Day and 180 Day coaching content in one package.
  • Flexible meeting times – we meet when is convenient for your schedule
  • No long term commitment – start, stop, and continue your experience at your own pace
  • Exclusive access to Daniel Henderson in private coaching sessions
  • Individualized plan of action for your ministry


Already been through one of our group coaching experiences?  Our private coaching is still a great choice. You can schedule your own 75-90 minute sessions with Daniel Henderson for advanced troubleshooting and strategizing. Receive specialized guidance on next steps for your ministry.


As a lead pastor for nearly three decades, Daniel Henderson helped several congregations experience transformation and renewal through an extraordinary commitment to prayer. Through this, he discovered the Biblical and spiritual processes that any church can implement to overcome crisis and stagnation – and ultimately, experience profound spiritual impact.

Daniel now serves as founder and President of Strategic Renewal and is the National Director for The 6.4 Fellowship. As a “pastor to pastors,“ Daniel leads renewal experiences in local churches, speaks in a variety of leadership conferences, and coaches pastors across North America and beyond.

Daniel is the author of over a dozen books, including Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s FaceOld Paths, New Power: Awakening Your Church Through Prayer and the Ministry of The Word, and most recently Transforming Presence: How the Holy Spirit Changes Everything – From the Inside Out


The material that Strategic Renewal laid out for this process provided some of the best insights into leading our church to become a church of prayer that I have ever encountered.
Lead Pastor of Ministry and Leadership Development, West Ridge Church | Dallas, GA

McLean Bible Church used to be a church that only prayed at the start of meetings, or as a filler in church services to allow musicians to make transitions on stage. Strategic Renewal began to help us integrate prayer throughout our church…now… we are a church of prayer.  Through this new strategic effort we have seen God do miracles in the lives of staff, congregants, and leadership.  It has been a remarkable joy to be a part of all of this.
Pastor, McLean Bible Church | McLean, VA


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