Transformation Experiences for Individuals & Church Leadership

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Transforming Presence

New Groups start november 1st!

Discover How The Holy Spirit Changes Everything – From the Inside Out. Everything changed when the New Covenant began. And everything will change for you, when you come to understand all that means for you. This coaching experience will help you reshape your theology of the Third Person of the Trinity, and give you practical ways to experience His power and leading in everyday life.

A Guided Journey in Embracing the New Covenant Relationship..

  • Do you know see the work of the Spirit through a New Covenant Lens?
  • Do truly understand how the Holy Spirit works in and through believers?
  • Would you like a better grasp on the spirit of the spiritual disciplines?
  • Do you practice, daily, staying in-step with the Spirit?

Then this is the coaching for you…

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The Praying Leader

NEW groupS begin February 2024!

It’s the praying leader who experiences the transformation that only God can bring.

  • Do members of your church seem content with the status quo?
  • Do you want to see lasting transformation in the lives of your congregation?
  • Are you feeling personally distracted with lesser priorities?
  • Are you longing to grow a greater spiritual appetite and maturity in your people?
  • Are there obstacles to growth that you don’t know how to overcome?

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers your people for greater gospel ministry.

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Transforming Wisdom

New Groups start october 4th! 

Discover how unleashing Christ’s wisdom changes everything.When we begin to see life from God’s perspective, things begin to change. The source of all wisdom and knowledge has not called us to figure out life’s uncertainties for ourselves.  God’s Word tells us that He longs to give us His perfect wisdom. He’s just waiting for you to ask.

A guided journey toward accessing Christ’s wisdom for your greatest needs.

  • Would you like to embrace life’s uncertainties as opportunities with greater clarity and conviction?
  • Would you like to experience Christ’s wisdom as a conduit to meet both your needs and the needs of others?
  • Do you want to exemplify prayerful discernment and see life from God’s perspective while peacefully making crucial life decisions?
  • Do you long to identify your spiritual obstacles and know how to overcome them?

Then this is the coaching for you…

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