Danny Hodges: Surviving the Slumps, Part 1

Pastor Danny Hodges
Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg

Interview Summary:

  • When have you faced moments of spiritual lethargy?
  • What helped to re-ignite your heart?
  • Why do pastors want to quit so often?
  • What safeguards have you created to maintain spiritual vitality?
  • What advice would you give toward maintaining a fruitful ministry?
  • What are the dangers of not maintaining personal time with the Lord?
  • How could pastor’s benefit from your booklet, Spending Time With God?

For more information, or to order a copy of Spending Time With God, contact the Calvary St. Petersburg Bookstore here.


Pastor Danny Hodges began serving in ministry at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg in the early 80’s, soon after graduating Liberty University. Through a God-orchestrated occurrence of events, Danny stepped into the Sr. Pastor role in 1986. Over the last 25 years, through Danny’s fruitful and faithful service, God has grown Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg from a congregation of a few hundred to a thriving and healthy body of over 3,000 people. Danny speaks from years of experience on remaining faithful in every season and how God will bless our obedience.