Danny Hodges: Surviving the Slumps, Part 2

A.W. Tozer was quoted as saying, “Most of the world’s greatest souls have been lonely.” In his book, Spiritual Leadreship, J. Oswald Sanders wrote,“Because the leader must be ahead of his followers he lives with loneliness. Though he may be friendly, there are areas of life where he must walk alone.”

Every leader has faced these seasons of loneliness and isolation.  It is a natural by-product of the leadership role.  However, just because leadership is isolating, does not mean a pastor should live in isolation. Hear Pastor Danny Hodges share on the importance of a “safe” and godly friend that a pastor can go to for personal help and prayer.

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The 6:4 Fellowship is a ministry of Strategic Renewal whose mission is to strengthen the local church by Building 6:3 Disciples, Becoming 6:4 Leaders, and Believing for a 6:7 Awakening.

Interview Summary:

  • What advice would you give to a pastor/leader who is in spiritual drought?
  • Why do so many pastors not find a person like that?
  • As a pastor, who are the “safe” people that you can trust?
  • What have been the positive outcomes of opening up to a friend like this?