Don’t Settle

But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God. Matthew 22:29 

I’m afraid I’m in the habit of not taking my faith seriously enough. I’m guilty of settling, and of not fully realizing the power of God.

The life that God calls us to is not one of human wisdom and human strength. We are quite capable of having that kind of life without any divine input.

The life God calls us to is one of God’s wisdom and God’s strength, and one that we far too often don’t insist on.

Our comfort and relative ease in life has lulled us to sleep. We think how we are living is what God intended. The norm for Christianity has been redefined so many times, the bar lowed so frequently, that when we actually see real examples of God’s power and hear real samplings of God’s truth we’re turned off by them.

But the wonderful Kingdom reality is that God still has more for you. I can write to you with confidence today and promise you that there is more of God—more love, more blessings, more power and more wisdom—than you are currently experiencing.

Don’t settle. Don’t misinterpret the Scriptures and don’t underestimate God’s power. Don’t make human wisdom and human effort the norm. Jesus died to give you much, much better.

Holy God, teach us to crave your wisdom and your power, and to not settle for anything less. In Jesus’ name . . . .



©2014 Will Davis Jr.  Originally posted at Will Davis Jr’s blog.