Frequently Asked Questions

About Strategic Renewal and Its Ministries

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Strategic Renewal is an umbrella ministry, and initiative, to strengthen the local church. The ministries under this umbrella, primarily The 6:4 Fellowship, are fueled by a commitment to prayer and underline Scripture’s emphasis on healthy local-church leadership, the sufficiency of the Holy Spirit, and the pursuit of cultural transformation.

The 6:4 Fellowship is brotherhood of like-minded men, developed by pastors, for pastors, to encourage the increase of its members’ conviction and community, as well as their capacity to focus on their primary priorities of prayer and the ministry of the word.

The 6:3 Discipleship is a character driven initiative that was developed to support pastors committed to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Each 6:4 pastor needs help to increase the capacity of the ministry in their local church, and they need strong saints of godly integrity around them to do the work of the ministry. This is the dynamic seen in Acts 6:3.

The paradigm of Strategic Renewal comes directly from Acts 6:1-7.  This is why Strategic Renewal says that they are empowering 6:4 Leaders, encouraging 6:3 Disciples, while envisioning a 6:7 awakening. An abbreviated version of this visionary pattern is 6:4 + 6:3 = 6:7.

Yes, Strategic Renewal is a non-profit organization.

As a 501c3, Strategic Renewal International depends heavily on the generous donations of people like you who believe in the great need for renewal, revival, and restoration. When you give, you become a vital part in renewing the hearts of God’s people. You help to nurture the roots of revival in congregations, and awakening across our nation, through transformational events, life-giving fellowship, and edifying resources. You also help hurting ministers who need the encouragement and resources to “stay in the fight.” It truly is a strategic investment.

Strategic Renewal has been, in existence since 1997. It has held 501(c)3 status since 2001.

In 1997, Strategic Renewal was birthed out of the overflow of Daniel Henderson’s pastoral ministry in the local church. Daniel was no stranger to church tragedy in those days. Twice he followed a predecessor who morally disqualified himself and left behind a broken and dismayed group of people. Through these experiences, Daniel learned valuable principles for congregational turnaround and saw how prayer could restore and ignite the church to become an agent of transformation in the community.

In 2007, God turned a growing passion into a life calling for Daniel Henderson. Daniel’s church sent him out as a “missionary” to ignite fires of revival in churches across the country. This began a season of intense writing, travel, and speaking, spreading the vision for what God could do through healthy, praying churches. Congregations across the country were hungry for the message of renewal and sought Daniel out as an authoritative and helpful voice.

In 2010, with a collection of 50 pastors from around the country, we began a pastoral fellowship centered around the supreme priorities of the early church leaders, “But we must give ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4). The 6:4 Fellowship serves to call pastors to rise above the pragmatism, strategies and social trends of our day, and calls leaders back to the things that bring lasting and supernatural impact.