Glorious Finish

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize of Eternity In A Time of Pastoral Failings.




What separates pastors who finish well from those who don’t?

When trusted pastors fall into sin and destroy a ministry, the entire body of believers gets hurt. After helping two large churches through the aftermath of such an event, Daniel Henderson discovered that pastoral failings are not primarily rooted in overdeveloped passions for self and sin but rather in underfed visions of eternity and a lack of zeal for God’s glory.

In Glorious Finish, Daniel Henderson teaches you:

  • Why focusing on God’s glory is the key to a fruitful ministry
  • How leaders can build habits that keep them captivated by God and His glory
  • How to stay glory-oriented in the grind, challenges, and spiritual attacks of ministry

Forget the latest techniques and the strategies—spend some time recentering on what you know is most important—His glory!

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What Others Are Saying

All of us are just a half a step from sinful failure and disqualification. This book is a treasure to help us stay the course and keep our focus on what matters most.
Crawford W. Loritts Jr. Author of Leadership As An Identity

The truths in this book reveal how we can guard our hearts and trust the power of Christ to live in victory and experience the glorious finish Christ has promised for us.
Vance PitmanSenior Pastor, Hope Church Las Vegas

This book should be in the hands of every seminary student, church planter, prayer leader, pastor, and revivalist. Truth cannot be marginalized on the altar of success. That kind of success only leads to ultimate failure.
Michael CattSenior Pastor, Sherwood Church 

This book is for any who want to hear “Well done!” at the end of a lifelong ministry.
Bill ElliffFounding and National Engage Pastor, The Summit Church, Little Rock, AR 

Glorious Finish isn’t written by a moralist looking down at those who blew it—it is a pastoral word of wisdom looking around to all of us, urging us to choose a better way forward. Well-written, fast-paced, and hard to put down.
Kie Bowman Senior Pastor, Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin, TX,

The seduction of “success” has caused us to lose our way. Daniel Henderson calls for a hard reset of our perspective, and he guides us back to a biblical model of ministry. is is a must read!
Lance WittFounder, Replenish Ministries

Glorious Finish will inspire and motivate you to take an honest look at the root causes that sabotage your destiny and help equip you to overcome them.
Mark Jobe President of Moody Bible Institute

From one pastor to another, Daniel coaches us to higher places. We must all learn before we make regrettable mistakes. Get into this book and let it get into you!
Kevin MyersFounding Pastor, 12Stone Church