God’s Absolute Ownership

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.” 
(Psalm 24:1)

There are no wasted words in God’s revelation to us. In His perfection He has given us things we need to know; things that are essential for our relationship with Him and things essential for relating to the environment where He has placed us.

David records, under the inspiration of the Spirit, this amazing statement (as does Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:26). It is not a question or a command, but a stated fact: “The earth IS the Lord’s, and ALL it contains.” And then he uses the word “world” which more personally describes the human component and adds to that, “and those who dwell in it.”

It is important for us to know that not only the elements of the world are His, but every single human being who is living, has ever lived, or will ever live. All is His. Every molecule, every atom. Every rock and leaf. Every mountain and stream. Everything inanimate and animate. Everything belongs to God. Everything.

Now what are the implications of ownership? Think of it practically.

If God owns everything….


We have no right, really, to question Him. We can, but it changes nothing. God owns it all whether we agree with that or not. We can kick and fume at the dispensations of Divine providence but in the end it’s His prerogative to do what He desires with what He made and possesses. God knows our frame and understands that we at times may question how life works, but He reminds us with statements such as these by David that He is the owner regardless.

The marvelous thing about God, though, is that He is perfect in love and righteousness. He does all things rightly. He has given us incredible evidences of His goodness, but none more tangible than the flesh and blood of His own Son, living for us and dying for us. There is no greater love. We are more than fortunate that the One who made us is not only absolute in His ownership, but also absolute in His goodness.


Everything about me (and all that I think I possess) belongs to God. The pot has no right to question the potter, as Paul reminds us in Romans 9. The potter owns him. How could I ever feel justified in seeking to withhold my life, my time, my affections, my surrender, my allegiance to Him? And it is a fruitless exercise! I came from Him and I am going back to Him. And there is never a moment in between that I do not—in material essence—belong to Him. My temporary feelings of independence are simply that—”feelings”—with no reality at their base.

Again, God is so good that when we realize the need to surrender to Him and bow before our King we find that the benefits of this ownership are indescribable. He has designed us for intimacy with Him. What He has we can enjoy. We become, through Christ, heirs and joint-heirs with Him! He has no need to do this, but He does this because of His perfect character and grace.

He is the absolute owner, but He is also the perfect owner.


©2014 Bill Elliff. Originally posted at the Graceful Truth Blog by Bill Elliff.