He Has Overcome

I love the words of John 16. I read this chapter in the aftermath of the shootings last week and felt like I was there in front of Jesus as he taught and exhorted His followers.

I related to his prediction that suffering and trials will come. I experienced comfort when He said our sorrow would be turned to joy.

I found encouragement in his promise that the Holy Spirit is active and will be our Helper at all times. I was emboldened by his proclamation that truth will always guide the way.

Most importantly, I discovered and was lifted by the hope that He has overcome it all. His resurrection power has overcome the fallenness that invades and plagues this life.

He has overcome relational discord.

He has overcome neighborhood disputes.

He has overcome senseless violence.

He has overcome mental illness.

He has overcome tragedy and confusion.

Take heart; he has overcome the world.

Several months ago, in the very room where this madness took place, a lady in our church read John 16:33 at our prayer gathering and claimed it in the power of Christ. It was true that night. It was true last Thursday night. It will be true in the days ahead.

He has overcome.

This post is dedicated to the family and friends of David Merritt and Marvin Fisher, the Hindi family, the entire Spring Creek community and the five ladies from Springdale Community Church.

©2012 Jason Autry.  Originally posted on Sept 14, 2012 at jasonautry.com.