How To Pray When You’re In Charge

Originally recorded and produced by ChurchLeaders.


Mentioned in the Show:

Prayer Coaching with Daniel: 90 Days to Pastoral Empowerment

Old Paths, New Power (paperback)


Key Questions:

How do you define leadership?

How can pastors focus on the biblical understanding of leadership when they’re pulled in so many different directions?

What practical steps can pastors take to nurture a culture of prayer?


Key Quotes:

“Leadership is influencing people to the will of God by the power of the spirit of God according to the will of God.”

“Everyone that God used significantly there was a common denominator and it wasn’t their training or personality, it was that little phrase ‘“God was with him.”

“Leadership is the manifest presence of God in the life of someone who is walking in the blessing of God and influencing them toward the will of God.”

“The devil doesn’t have to destroy us, he only has to distract us.”

“There’s a difference between a prayer program and a prayer culture.”

“Build sidewalks where the footpaths are.”

“Don’t get discouraged (about prayer) because the commitment of the few can secure the blessings for the many.”

“The power of no is in a stronger yes.”

“Most pastors don’t know what their priorities are.”

“Churches do more to help pastors succeed than pastors do to help churches succeed.”