Imitatable Faith

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.                                   Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.

(Hebrews 13:7)

We all have heroes. Its tragic that often the world defines this for us in ways that are less than best. We follow men who are athletically gifted, politically persuasive, those who have business savvy or are full of entertainment attraction. They are known for certain things that set them apart.

As spiritual leaders—in our home, ministry, church—we should be known for something too. But there is one quality that should mark us above all else: faith. We should be heroes of belief. Men of dependency and expectancy. Men of extraordinary trust.

If we truly walk in faith there are “outcomes” of this “way of life” that make others desire to follow us into such a life. The more we walk in faith, the more God is in the equation. The more God is in the equation, the more He is seen for the mighty God He is. And the more He is seen, the more people are drawn to Him and He is worshipped. And when, by faith, we have been so used, we have accomplished the great business of heaven and earth. We have a way of life worth imitating.

The leaders that the writer of Hebrews speaks of imitating are those who “spoke to you the word of God.” There is a technical sense that he is speaking here of pastors and teachers, but the reality is that any leader who is full of faith will be speaking God’s Word into the lives of those who follow. The Lord, as he leads them, will see to that. This presupposes then, that a man of faith is a man who has heard from God, believes God, and speaks God’s word to others.

So how do I become a hero of imitatable faith? Here are five questions to help you evaluate and move forward in belief.

1. Am I hearing God through His Word?

2. Am I responding instantly to what He says in growing, vibrant, risk-taking faith?

3. Is this a “way of life” with me, or just intermittent crisis moments along the way?

4. Am I seeing “outcomes” of faith through my life that make others long to have this faith-life? Is there faith-fruit?

5. Would others say that the single most recognizable quality of my life is that I a man of faith…a man who depends on God alone in each situation, hears from Him, and then lives obediently as if what God says is really true?

If these questions trouble you, ask God to do whatever necessary to increase your faith quotient. Study His Word to hear from Him and receive His next assignment. When He speaks, trust Him and obey…and keep trusting until you die.

Originally posted by Bill Ellif on May 3, 2012 @ The Summit Church Blog