In Their Own Words

Pastoral Journeys Back To The Old Paths of Ministry

The follow clips are select video features referenced in Daniel Henderson’s book: Old Paths, New Power: Awakening Your Church Through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word.

Chapter 1 | Current Drift—Future Sift

Alistair Begg | The State of The Pastorate

HB London | On Pastoring in the 21st Century

Chapter 2 | An Urgent “Leadership” Renovation

Pastor Keeney Dickenson | Prayerless Leadership

Trey Kent | Ministry as the Overflow of Intimacy

Chapter 3 | Vision: Received or Achieved?

Bill Elliff | The Secret of Real Impact

Mike Mitchener | Intimacy vs. Success

Chapter 4 | Overcoming Weapons of Mass Distraction

Lance Witt | Keys to Staying Healthy

John MacArthur | Reclaiming Our Pastoral Responsibility

Jim Leggett | Rhythms for Spiritual Health

Chapter 5 | Finding the Conviction to Make a Change

Khan Huynh | Enduring Pastoral Leadership in Prayer

Richard Owen Roberts | Pastoring a Prayerless Church

Chapter 6 | Leading a Powerful Culture of Prayer

Pastor Woody Torrence and Pastor Mike Moran | New Ministry Paradigms Through Prayer

Pastor Jeff Wells | Leading Prayer Gatherings

Pastor Mark Vroegop | Steady Leadership in Prayer

Chapter 7 | How to Lead Life-Giving Prayer Experiences

Dennis Fuqua | All Prayers are not Created Equal

Cliff Boone | Learning to Lead in Corporate Prayer

Chapter 8 | A New Movement of Praying Churches

Pastor Tim Hawks | Pastors Praying Together

Gbolahan Faluade | Passion for Praying with Other Pastors

Chapter 9 | Preaching with Understanding, Unction, and Utterance

Pastor Brian Lorrits | The Power of Memorizing the Text

Pastor Jeff Schwarzentraub | Biblical-Preparation vs. Spirit-Led Delivery

Pastor Mark Vroegop | Expositional Preaching

Chapter 10 | Men to Match the Message

Pastor Keeney Dickenson | The Priority of Prayer and Transparency

Richard Owen Roberts | The Word as Hammer, Fire and Sword

Chapter 11 | “God Is Truly Among You”

Pastor Jim Cymbala | Obeying Holy Spirit Promptings

Francis Chan | The Role of Holy Spirit in Preaching

Chapter 12 | A New Unleashing of Missional Agents 203

Pastor Maurice Hollingsworth | The Role of Prayer in Evangelism

Malachi O’Brien | The Need for Intercession

Pastor Troy Keaton | Embracing the Mission In Times of Crisis

Chapter 13 | 100,000 Points of Light

John Franklin | Revival and Responsibility

Jason Autry | Revival Among a New Generation