It Seems to Me …(Stopping)

It Seems To Me . . .

. . . Highway 501 is my unappreciated friend.

Our youngest daughter and her husband moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a bunch of years ago and settled in the Carolina Forest area–a huge section of dozens of new developments and golf courses. City fathers thought of everything, except quick access to the main road that brings tourist from all over North America in their cars and vans and trucks and sightseeing buses. The access in question is state highway 501.

Making a left turn from Carolina Forest Drive onto this always busy highway can be a breeze (on the rare occurrence when your timing is impeccable) or a long day’s journey into night (when, like me most of the time, you are two seconds too late!). Since Carolina Forest Boulevard has considerably less traffic than the highway leading into fun-in-the-sun Myrtle Beach, our green light time is considerably less than those high speed travelers on the 501. To miss that left turn, means a wait that seems just this side of forever. And, most of those times, I spend those minutes fuming, stewing, complaining, searching the radio dial–in other words, wasting my time.

Where is your “Oh no, I just missed the green arrow!” intersection? Somewhere on the way to work, or on the route to school, or running errands to Target or Kroger/Albertsons or WalMart? Maybe on the way to church! 

I’ve begun to think about my wasted time at highway 501 (and so many other unappreciated stop lights) and what could happen if I turned those moments into prayer. Prayers of praise (what’s to complain about, I’m alive and well and with family), protection (travel should always remind me of God’s moment-by-moment protection), provision (give thanks for something God has graciously given), petition (not a bad time to look around and pray for someone in a nearby vehicle who may have zero Christians praying for them).

Maybe the Spirit will reveal several prayer-stops like this to you. Maybe that special stop should be called “patience corner” (Lord, calm me down about being late getting to my destination), another, “yield lane” (Father, I am struggling with ____ but I yield completely to Your will and the work of Your Spirit in and through me). How about a “Stop!” (disobedience) or an “No U Turn” intersection (don’t give up; be persistent).

Next time you find yourself tapping your fingers on the steering wheel counting down the seconds until you get that green light (or arrow), take those moments to commune with the Lord. Prayer leader, when was the last time you prayed for the members of your prayer team? Pastor, is there someone who never quite makes it on your prayer list (possibly your spouse)? What about members of your class or group? Your office or bowling team?

It seems to me . . . that long wait at the highway 501 stop light could become your friend too . . .

Pastor Phil

Originally published by Church Prayer Leaders Network
National Pastors Prayer Network