It Seems to Me . . . surf’s up and we better catch a wave!

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. . . surf’s up and we better catch a wave!

The birth of Prayer Connect is just one of many signs that the prayer movement is heating up once again. Every ministry or movement that lasts for more than a few years invariably experiences ups and downs, fruitful seasons and dry times. Devoted followers experience both joy and disappointment; dedicated leaders endure both exhilaration and exhaustion. For a time we ebb and then we flow. 

Sometimes the wave crests quickly; new conferences or gatherings filled with crowds that just as quickly disappear from view. A brief roller coaster ride,  Other times a high or low point may extend into years or decades.

Researching the history of the Prayer Evangelism movement that exploded across the 1990s for Prayer Connect magazine helped me appreciate what was accomplished in that time period but also revealed signs of looks like a reemergence to me. 

In the final decade of the last century, a foundation was laid that we are now widely revisiting and building upon. Many denominations rediscovered the role of prayer in the later part of the 20th century and now we are seeing pastors who have discovered Acts 6:4 and are eager to minister both the Word and prayer. Prayer is no longer on the sideline. Pray! Magazine gave visibility and vocabulary to the unfolding prayer movement and now Prayer Connect has taken the baton with a fresh legs. Benefiting from the lessons learned during the 1.0 days of the Internet, Pray! Network is just one of a variety of Internet sites involving leaders and laity in discussing insights and issues related to prayer evangelism and dozens of other important topics.

From the ground-breaking, scripture-based, global-covering Seek God for the City, we may now have 30- or 40-day prayer initiatives. Each one unique, giving a slightly different slice of the Church access to community impacting and culture influencing praying.

The fact that you know of many examples I’ve left out or am completely unaware of is further proof. We are in a recurrence and that resurgence must not be taken for granted nor squandered. Every praying believer must stoke this Holy Spirit lit fire and steward those we are responsible to disciple with opportunities to experience dynamic corporate prayer, prayer evangelism, and so many other prayerful expressions. If we have learned anything, it must be to ride the wave of the Holy Spirit. We cannot create it nor control it. We must be instant in season.

So, take another look at the resources of this network. Reconsider attending a Church Prayer Leaders Network training conference. Select the Prayer Evangelism or Women in the Prayer-Care-Share Movement Affinity Consultation at the Denver 2012 Leadership Consultation . Involve your prayer team in Awakening America or OneCry . Pull out that dog-eared copy of Prayer Evangelism orPrayerwalking or Love to Pray and stand again on a solid foundation.


Because it seems to me, surf’s up and we better catch a wave!

Pastor Phil 

Originally published in Church Prayer Leaders Network