It’s Just Better

Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ. – Philippians 3:8

One of my wife’s favorite phrases in comparison of two things is simple but resolute: “It’s just better.” I like it when she says that. It is to the point and stating experiential fact with emphasis. No frills or messing around. No hyperbole or romantic language. No sugarcoating. It’s just better.

That is exactly what Paul was saying in Philippians 3. After mocking the Judaizers with his religious resume, he expresses his sense of dissatisfaction with the things that had previously been so important to him and compared them to the value of knowing Jesus. His heritage, piety, social standing and religiosity were worthless next to being in Christ.

Having a relationship with Jesus is just better than anything this world has to offer. Nothing compares. Once you’ve tasted the joy, peace, understanding, and fulfillment of being alive in Christ everything else seems pale, meaningless, hollow and like a hard day’s work with nothing to show for it. It is the juxtaposition of extremes.

It’s the sharp contrast of HD when all you’ve ever viewed is Standard Definition.

It’s like watching in black and white when you could experience the full vibrancy and depth of color.

It’s Folger’s coffee and Starbucks. After you’ve sipped on a cup of Verona, you’ll go straight home and throw every canister of Folger’s out the door.

It’s sitting in first class when all you’ve ever known is the middle seat between the crying baby and the person with body odor in coach.

It’s never wanting to swim in a murky pond again once you’ve body surfed on the waves of the Pacific.

It is the detestable thought of driving through McDonald’s when you could have Ruth’s Chris every day.

Life in Christ. It’s just better.