Jason Autry, Part 1

Our first interview with Lead Pastor and 6:4 Founding Resource Leader, Jason Autry. Jason will share on the vital role of prayer and the ministry of the word in reaching the next generation, and how we will not see real life transformation apart from the principles of Acts 6:4 ministry.

Interview Summary:

  • Why are prayer and the ministry of the word so important in ministering to this generation? 
  • Why are the 6:4 principles so vital in reaching this generation for Christ?

Since 2010, Jason Autry has served as Lead Pastor of Springdale Community Church in Louisville, KY. Prior to coming to Springdale, Jason served in various ministry roles with FCA, Liberty University, and numerous teaching and college pastor positions in the local church.  Jason loves God and loves teaching His people the word.  Jason writes very regularly on his blog, jasonautry.com.