Learning In the Classroom of Prayer

Have you considered this great reason to pray: Prayer teaches you lessons that you could never otherwise learn.

When we pray, we gain access to the heart and mind of God. There are deep secrets waiting to be revealed, dark mysteries ready to be solved, and wonderful discoveries ready to be made by the person who is willing be taught by God in prayer. In the same way that there are some things (Kingdom things) that can only be done in prayer, there are some things that can only be learned in prayer.

We have good role models of prayer learners in the Bible. Moses received the Ten Commandments from God in prayer. He repeatedly received instructions for leading the nation by prayer. Samuel learned of the coming judgment of Eli’s family in prayer. Daniel learned the meaning of the king’s dreams by prayer. Simeon learned through prayer that he would see the promised Messiah. In prayer Peter learned that Gentiles had been declared clean by God. In prayer John saw the holy vision we know as the Revelation. Jesus choose his disciples after praying about them all night. Jesus resisted the crowd’s political pull by retreating and returning to prayer. Jesus saw in prayer that God’s will for him was death on the cross.

Consider how fortunate we are that these people took the time to pray. What if they hadn’t? Think how history and our lives might be tragically different if they had not been prayer learners. What about you? Are you a prayer learner? What divine secrets is God waiting to reveal to you? What plans have you missed, opportunities have you lost, and lessons have you not learned, simply because you skipped your prayer class? Don’t be a prayer truant. The lessons are too great and the teacher too wise for us to skip out. Get on your knees and learn. Class is in session.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Col. 4:2


©2012 Will Davis Jr. Originally posted on WDJ’s blog.