March Takeaways


March was a paradoxical month. It was strangely difficult on one hand but beautifully enlightening on the other. I had surgery and spent a lot of time incapacitated, weak and away from any sense of normalcy. However, God never fails to teach even when we’d like for him to choose other means. Here is what I took away from the third stanza of 2014:

Growth is Growth
Sometimes we grow through mistakes and correction. Other times we mature through investment and mentoring. Then there are the outlying seasons when external factors invade and we learn through pain and heartache. God can use it all for his good and for our development as people. Growth is growth regardless of how it comes to our lives.

Tough Times Can Bring Unexpected Friends
It is true that hard times show who our real friends are and this truth typically points out those that couldn’t hang with us. But tough times can also uncover a few friends that we didn’t expect, a person or two thought to be on the fringes that step up when we need it most. Gaining an unexpected friend is like finding a hidden treasure.

Building a Team Pays Off
A good team doesn’t happen by osmosis. It is hard work. You gather people that have character, competence and dedication and you try to remain optimistic about the future. You coach, invest and encourage. Then something happens that tests the resolve and character of your team. People come together, big things get accomplished and your crew surpasses all expectations you had for them. That’s when the hard work of building a team is worth every second.


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