Monthly Feature: August 2011

Pastor Barry Vegter is the senior pastor of Grace Reformed Church located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.  Pastor Barry over the years has prioritized his focus towards building a praying culture within his ministry.  He has facilitated and led multiple prayer summits establishing the priority of prayer in his active church, and continues to partner with other churches in his locality.  The partnership of these ministries has united many relationships and has been an active tool in expanding the gospel within their communities. 

In this interview, Pastor Barry Vegter shares inspiring insights about the journey of seeing prayer become a major factor in the life of his church through the difficult journey of following a 37-year predecessor.  You will be blessed by his candor, his passion and the lessons learned through the real struggles of pastoral leadership.  Barry’s experience in prayer with pastors in his community and the resulting impact in his community in Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin will encourage fresh vision in your heart.

Interview Questions:

  1. Where do you serve? 
  2. How long have you been there?
  3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your ministry right now?
  4. How has prayer significantly marked your personal journey as a follower of Christ?
  5. What factors led to your commitment to prayer as a pastoral leader in the church?
  6. How have you seen the power of prayer yield fruit in your ministry?
  7. Specific to preaching, what role has prayer played in your ministry in the word?
  8. What tends to discourage you the most in your commitment to lead your church in prayer?  How do you seek to overcome this?
  9. What is your dream for what the Lord could accomplish as His people seek His face?  In your church?  In your community?  In our nation?
  10. If you were sitting with a group of young pastors and could given them one nugget of wisdom about their role in prayer as a pastor, what would you tell them?

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To gain insight on some useful tools Pastor Barry uses in developing a praying culture, you can visit International Renewal Ministries for helpful resources related to prayer summits. Also, for a deeper review on prayer summits Pastor Barry recommends “Reunitus” written by Joe Aldrich.