Monthly Feature: February 2011

NEW RELEASE: "Transforming Prayer"

By: Daniel Henderson

Transforming Prayer presents life-changing truths and practical handles to get you started in a fresh adventure in your time with God. You will enjoy "trophies of transformation" throughout the book as individual stories of life-change are told. Discussion questions for each chapter are contained in the back of the book, making this a great tool for your next small group or Sunday School study.

From the Author:

It’s no wonder so many people (and even pastors) are discouraged with prayer. Instead of a genuine encounter with God, prayer is little more than a grocery list of requests. Maybe you, too, seek God’s hand rather than His face.

How do you truly connect with God through prayer? For almost three decades, renewal leader and pastor Daniel Henderson has helped churches and pastors transform their prayer life. Now, in this book, he shows you how to: 

  • Pray to seek God’s face NOT just His hand.
  • Pray with your heart fixed on God’s glory NOT just for personal satisfaction
  • Pray from the treasure of God’s word NOT simply from a list of your own ideas
  • Pray according to the Spirit’s instruction NOT only from human reason
  • Pray with a heart completely surrendered to His will NOT with a hurried personal agenda
  • Pray in anticipation of living triumphantly in the war-zone NOT with a satisfaction with the comfort zone.
  • Pray that God would change you NOT that He would simply change things.

When you experience the profound difference of God-focused worship-based prayer, your faith and life will never be the same.


Please visit the Transforming Prayer site for more details regarding the "NEW" book and chapter videos. 


"God is wonderfully using Daniel to bring believers together around the country, across denominational lines to pray for one another and to encourage prayer in our individual churches. This is one of those vital things happening in the body of Christ which is going to bring more of God’s blessings in our lives and that will mean the name of Christ will be glorified more than ever before. As you read Transforming Prayer!, open your heart to God’s voice. You will be both encouraged and inspired to believe again that with God, nothing is impossible."
~Pastor Jim Cymbala
Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

  • "Daniel lays out a practical and doable plan for Christians to take their prayer life from ordinary to extraordinary."
    ~Dr. John MacArthur
    Grace Community Church
  • "We should not be concerned when our prayers are not answered; we should be concerned when we are not transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. May you read this book and be changed accordingly."
    ~Dr. Elmer L. Towns
    Co-Founder and Vice President, Liberty University
  • "Transforming Prayer is a transforming message. Calling us out of self-involved, wish-list praying and into a passionate pursuit of the Present Jesus, Daniel Henderson has gifted the body of Christ with this treasure. A message distilled from his own journey, developed in his faithful ministry, and delivered with clarity and precision."
    ~Jennifer Kennedy Dean
    The Praying Life Foundation