Monthly Feature: July 2011

Introducing The 6:4 Network

The world of a pastor has many demands that can become wearisome if not evenly managed.  From the outside, many people only see the surface level of the multiple obligations carried by their pastor.  The exchange of responsibilities to other staff can be helpful, but what happens when your staff is few?  What happens when those volunteers are nowhere to be sought? 

You as a pastor carry a heavy commitment that is honorable, but at times none see the struggles of the constant demands.  This 6:4 feature was cultivated with a mindset to deliver a network of contacts for those pastors near your ministry.  A pastor should not have to stand alone as he presses forward in one of the greatest calls given to man.  Pastors who are members of the 6:4 agree on the importance of prayer, understand the need for ministering the Word, and have grasped the need for a greater resource of Support!

As a member, this resource provides a connection between you and those with the same passion.  Use the 6:4 Network to connect with those in your locality and develop relationships that will last a life time.  Standing in the trenches alone can be difficult and discouraging.  Partner with those pastors around your ministry to develop a network of encouragement.

By clicking on each icon the viewer will gain access to specific pastors, their church, and the contact information of that ministry.  The blue icons represent members of the 6:4 and the red icons provide information regarding the pastors who are 6:4 founding resource leaders. 

Take the next step and connect with a pastor today!

Members click here to access details of The 6:4 Network