Monthly Feature: June 2011

Newly Released 6:4 DVD – "Encouragement for Leaders"

Encouragement for Leaders is a newly released DVD providing all sessions of the Knoxville Pastors’ Conference hosted by The 6:4 Fellowship.  Pastors Jim Cymbala and Daniel Henderson will encourage you to a higher level of excellence in ministry.  They will also equip you to make prayer the central cornerstone of your ministry.  This is a great tool for personal enrichment, staff meetings, leadership retreats and other group gatherings.  


“Igniting the hearts of pastors and urging them toward the priority of prayer and the ministry of the Word is the ultimate desire of The 6:4 Fellowship.  As a pastor, I understand the value of connecting with a brotherhood of fellow pastors who are desperate for revival and desire to see the Acts 6:4 model carried out.  The 6:4 conferences not only provide valuable encouragement for leaders, but ultimately mobilize pastors to become part of a network of fellow pastors with a common vision.”

 – Daniel Henderson 

Encouragement for Leaders Content:

  • Session One: The Word As Our Ministry Model (Pastor Jim Cymbala)
  • Session Two: Leading Your People In Prayer (Pastor Daniel Henderson)
  • Session Three: All Things For Edification (Pastor Jim Cymbala)

As a member of The 6:4 Fellowship, this resource will always be available at $10, 50% less than non-members.  In the next few months, The 6:4 Fellowship will be releasing the dates for our 2011-2012 pastors’ conferences.  We also hope you will mark your calendar now for May 18 &19, 2012 for our first national conference to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana with key-note speakers John MacArthur, Jim Cymbala, HB London and Mark Vroegop.

*We will be providing free online access to members- to enjoy any conference that is not within your region.  The Tampa Bay Conference will soon be available for all to view online.  

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