Monthly Feature: New Membership Pricing


We are excited to now permanently offer 6:4 Fellowship Memberships for $64!

$64 Memberships!

As the fellowship continues to grow, and we are able to partner with more and more sponsors, we are excited to now be able to offer 6:4 memberships at a price of $64….indefinitely! That’s right! This is not a Christmas sale, or seasonal discount. All memberships will now cost $64 per year (previously $99).

For those who are already members, your annual renewal will now automatically be reduced to $64.  For those who are not yet members, they too will now receive this great savings.  

Be sure to spread the word with pastors in your area!  We pray this will open up more opportunities to unite pastors around the priorities of prayer and the  ministry of the Word.

Take advantage!

Take advantage of this great new price point this Christmas by sponsoring another pastor you know!  Give the gift of encouragement and accountability in the things that matter most.  And better yet, equip a pastor to start the new year off right, by committing 2014 to being a year of prayer and the word.