Monthly Feature: November 2011

"ScottScott Weatherford is a native of the state of Florida.  A graduate of both Florida State University and New Orleans Theological Seminary, Scott spent his first thirty years in ministry in Florida as well as Texas.  In 2009, he followed God’s prompting and became Lead Pastor of First Alliance Church in Calgary, AB, Canada.  First Alliance is a multi-cultural, multi-generational gathering of people who exist to ‘build lives that honour God.’   


Prayer in the Pastor’s Life by Scott Weatherford

In this article, Scott shares from personal trials in ministry, and how God’s Word carried him through. He writes,

"I have discovered that in the “cold water” seasons of life I find God with more clarity than in any other time. God wants me to so long for Him that all other options fail. The question for me is will I lean into God? Throughout my time as a pastor, some 30 years, I have experienced several cold water seasons – and none colder than a recent season." Click here to read the full article. 


A Prayer Resource: From one church to another

First Alliance Church in Calgary utilizes nearly 100 volunteers each week in their intercessory prayer ministry and also has a 24/7 prayer team offering continual prayer throughout the week.  Click here to see the ways they are maximizing their prayer ministry. 


Video Interview

Pastor Scott affirms the sustaining and securing power that prayer and the Word have throughout the trials of pastoral ministry: