Monthly Feature: October 2011

  The 6:4 Fellowship 2012 National Conference Speakers

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There have been several announcements regarding the promotion and plans of the 2012 conference schedule.  Among the planning of several regional conferences the 6:4 Fellowship will also be hosting its first annual national conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

As details continue to come together you will be able to resolve most of your questions through our newly added conference site.  Click Here To View!

In addition to the national conference we will be hosting many one-day regional events throughout the country.  Many have been confirmed and are listed below.  

                 April 12th-Austin, TX                 May 31st-Tampa Bay, FL                        

April 26th-Calgary, CA              June 21st-Louisville, KY

  May 18th & 19th-Indianapolis, IN (National)

All regional events will be hosted by Pastor Jim Cymbala and Pastor Daniel Henderson.  Each are one-day events providing encouragment for pastors and leaders within ministry.  Below is a video providing greater details of these incredible one-day events. 


The National conference will be a two days of excellent teaching through John MacArthur, Jim Cymbala, H.B. London and Mark Vroegop.  As a 6:4 member we are also providing a V.I.P. lucheon with the speakers during the conference.  This lunch will only be availble for 6:4 members and not the general public.

It is also important to note that all of YOU as members receive 30% off on all 6:4 events. To take advantage of this offer you will simply select "6:4 Fellowship Member" upon registering for the event.  Please contact 6:4 if you have any questions or concerns.