Monthly Feature: Replenish Ministries


Leadership today is in crisis.  Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems, but then again, maybe it is. Somewhere along the line, the church exchanged integrity for what was perceive as "effectiveness" in our leadership models, and we are now reaping the rotten fruit of that in the lives our leaders.  Anyone who has seen the statistics knows how rough it is.  There couldn’t be a greater time of need for a ministry like Replenish, which is why we would like to highlight it in this month’s feature.

We’d also encourage to read the recent article we’ve posted by Lance Witt entitled, Live and Lead Well.

Replenish Ministries exists to equip and help leaders maintain their most valuable asset as a pastor and leader: a healthy soul.  Without this, nothing else matters. Replenish is available to assist you and your team in a number of ways, including:

  • Church Leadership Coaching: Primarily geared toward the Senior Pastor and Leadership Teams in developing a leadership culture that values and lives out spiritual health.  Custom programs are available to fit your specific team and needs.
  • Speaking: Available for leadership retreats, as a time of solitude and reflection, and also to build team health.  Or for congregation gatherings and conferences to discuss and implement Soul Care values with your entire congregation.
  • Life-Planning: A two day experience for providing clarity and understanding in how God has uniquely shaped your life and purpose. Key insight on maintaining health and balance, as well as providing a working plan to guide your next steps.
  • Pastors Coaching Network: Designed to build healthy and supportive relationships with pastors in your area. 


So how is your soul?  Are you in need of spiritual replenishment? To find out more about how Replenish Ministries can help you succeed as a leader, or to take Replenish’s Soul Care Self Evaluation, visit today!



About Lance:


Lance Witt has served in full-time minstry for over 25 years, the majority of that being in a senior pastor role. He most recently served on staff at Saddleback Church as an executive pastor, with a teaching role in the weekend service. He has written numerous curriculum for small groups, and has much experience in missions and partoal training.  Lance loves those who serve on the front lines of ministry and is committed to helping them stay healthy and "finish well". He is committed to the church and passionately believes in the transformational power of Jesus through the local church.

What others are saying about Lance and Replenish: "Lance is an incredible asset to us personally and to our Christ Fellowship team. His work with our church staff has challenged us to make sure ministry is flowing from a spiritually healthy soul. His own struggles through the years as a pastor provides an authentic platform to help others. We have noticed an increased desire among our team to minister and lead from a spiritually healthy place, realizing that ministry that truly impacts will come from the inside out." – Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship / Palm Beach Gardens, FL