Monthly Feature: September 2011

Pastor Duke has been the pastor at Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson, Oregon, for 35 years.  He grew up in Oregon and Washington and graduated from Western Baptist (now Corban) University in Salem, Oregon, and has since earned a Master’s Degree and is continuing work on his doctorate.

Pastor Duke attributes the growth of the church to the emphasis on prayer.  In 1989 he attended his first Pastors’ Prayer Summit and has since modeled and preached the importance of individual and corporate prayer. He has had the opportunity to speak throughout the United States as well as travel overseas to speak and participate in several Prayer Seminars and Prayer Walking Journeys.  He has written articles for Moody Monthly, Leadership Journal and Pray!  Magazine, and has written a book, entitled Prayer Quest.  He also speaks on a daily radio program.

Dee and his wife Patty have been married for 41 years and have eight children: seven who are married, and all who are actively serving the Lord.  They have 14 grandchildren. They live in a 100-year old house near Jefferson, Oregon, and Dee enjoys fishing and hunting, riding his bicycle and motorcycle, as well as restoring old cars. (Click here for more information on Jefferson Baptist Church

 Prayer Quest will help you break through all the things holding you back from understanding your God-given dreams, clarifying them, and realizing them.  How?  It will teach you how to connect with God in deeper ways through prayer.  But not just any kind of prayer. Prayer Quest encourages you to pray about God’s dreams and destiny for you.  No matter where you are in your prayer life – no prayer, little prayer, lots o9f prayer – Prayer Quest will take you into more fulfilling connections with the Creator, who created your dreams, and has a destiny for you.  Beyond simply challenging and encouraging, Prayer Quest will take you through practical steps toward a deeper prayer life – steps that will get you on a course to seeing God’s destiny for you fulfilled. 

Forward:  Dr. Joe Aldrich, former president, Multnomah Bible College and Seminary, Portland, Oregon

  Someone has said that “to know and not to do is not to know at all.”  When we are presented with a new book on a topic like prayer, we have the right, even the responsibility, to question whether the author is a practitioner – whether he is speaking from true and substantial experience.  I can attest that God has indeed raised up a “knower” and a “doer” who lives what he teaches, and who knows how to lead churches toward becoming houses of prayer.

          Dee Duke’s church ministry has captured the attention of Christian leadership nationwide.  Hundreds of people in his own church are significantly involved in ministries of prayer because of his direction and vision, and he has also conveyed this vision to hundreds of pastors.  No one has counted how many additional hundreds of people in their churches have experienced revolution in prayer!

          This book is a guide for any believer who wishes to rise to God’s invitation and instruction regarding prayer.  It also includes a special emphasis for equipping leaders to make prayer the basis of their ministry. I wholeheartedly recommend this long-awaited resource material.

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