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Leading A New Generation In Prayer

Clark Crebar

Prayer Leadership

Keeping Prayer The Priority Of Your Ministry

Bubba Stahl


Finding Spiritual Unity Through Prayer

Barry Vegter

Ministry of the Word

Q & A with Pastor John MacArthur

John MacArthur

Ministry Endurance

Pastors’ Panel – Keeping Your Zeal and Fighting Burn-Out

Lindsay Taylor

Ministry Endurance

A Biblical Response to Ministry Trials

Mike Zimmerman

Ministry Endurance

Maintaining Endurance in Ministry

Mike Turner

Prayer Leadership

Mobilizing a New Generation in Prayer

Todd Crews


Balancing the Demands of Ministry for Spiritual Health

HB London

Prayer Leadership

Leading a Movement of Renewal in Your Church

Keeney Dickenson

Building a Prayer Culture in Your Church

Phil Miglioratti

Pastor’s Wives: Maintaining Spiritual and Emotional Health

Lisa Vegter

Embracing Our Role in Leading Spiritual Awakening in Our Nation

John Franklin

Surviving Attacks Against The Family

Mike Mitchener